Nintendo Store NY - Exclusive Metroid Prime: Federation Force poster given out

Looks the event yesterday was the only place you could grab this poster. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any other locations that dish this sucker out.

MegaMaze coming to Wii U

Mega Maze adds a twist to classic maze puzzle solving. Mazes are approached in a first person manner with semi transparent walls to prevent players from becoming completely lost while navigating through a level. In addition to a new visual approach, the puzzle solving has been intensified with keys & doors, multiple floors, holes, and teleporters to add to the fun.

Inspired by classic maze games from the 90s, Chip's Challenge, and creating mazes from childhood.

There are 60 levels included plus players can create their own mazes and share them online (or just keep the mazes for themselves). See how well others can solve your challenges by comparing their completion times to yours with the online leaderboards.

Chronova is small indie development team with experienced members who are looking to make games from a variety of genres and of various sizes. Our philosophy is gameplay first, our games must have a good mechanical foundation in order to make sure players can enjoy the experience. We are interested in making games that we want to play, and therefore the focus is to have a game that is fun, not just what would turn a profit, we are in it for the experience, not the money. Mega Maze is just the first Chronova game, there are many more sitting in the toybox waiting to be brought into reality.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed devs open to sequel, joke about mech-based game

Coming from an EDGE interview with executive producer Steve Lycett and Design director Gareth Wilson...

“We could definitely do another one. For this one we’d just got into our stride in the last couple of months of production. We really knew exactly what the game was; we’d got all the tracks and all the tools.” – Wilson

“If we ever do another one, we should have a fighting game where the characters are inside mechs of themselves, so you’ve got Sonic pulling Eggman’s arm off and beating him to death with it.” – Lycett

“Yeah, that way you could do damage without damaging the character. Genius.” – Wilson

Could Nintendo be considering a Nintendo Badge Arcade 'Bunny' amiibo?

With the data from Nintendo Badge Arcade being collected and sent to Nintendo, perhaps we really could see a Bunny amiibo. I guess it all depends on how many people answer the question and say they think it's a good idea! Thanks to Kobobkc for the heads up!