Suda51 on why he chose Switch for Travis Touchdown's revival, general excitement for Switch

A portion of a SourceGaming interview with Suda51

SG: You recently announced No More Heroes 3 for the Switch. Was there a particular feature of the Switch that inspired you to return to this series?

S51: The Switch has a lot of cool features. It really reminded me of when I first heard of the Wii and decided to bring No More Heroes out for that system. That’s why I decided to go with the Switch for ‘No More Heroes 3’. It also seemed like a good place to revive Travis Touchdown. The game is not necessarily called ‘No More Heroes 3’, we haven’t made the title official or anything, but in general, that’s why I chose the Switch.

SG: What are your thoughts on the Switch in general, now that it’s been out for about three months?

S51: When I first heard about the Switch, I thought “I like this hardware, I hope it’s successful,” and it’s actually turned out to be more successful than I expected. Also, you’ve got a great game in Zelda that came out for it and that really raised the bar for other games in the future. In general, I hope the Switch is successful and I’m excited to be making a game for it.

Full interview here

Disgaea 5 Complete - A look at the reversible EU cover

Nice to see our EU friends getting some love for the retail version. Let's hope we see this sucker pop up in the top 10 next week!

Fan-made ARMS game sees release

Arms2d is a 2d fan demake of Nintendo's upcoming game, Arms (my fan game is not endorsed in any way by Nintendo) While Nintendo's game is a complex over-the-shoulder fighting game, my simple fan project is a free-for-all Super Smash Bros. style beat-em-up.

What does Arms have that Arms2d doesn't have?

Arms2d has one set of gloves - Arms has a bunch of different gloves that takes the strategy of the game to a whole new level
Arms2d only has one stage - Arms has many unique stages
Arms2d only has one game mode - Arms has quite a few really interesting game modes
Arms2d doesn't have online multiplayer - Arms has online multiplayer with some really awesome features
Arms2d has some simple pixel art characters - Arms has intricately designed and highly detailed 3d models
Arms2d is a simple game made by a fan - Arms is an incredible looking game made by one of the greatest video game companies of all time

So, if Arms2d is so terrible, why should I play it?

Arms2d is publicly available right now, Arms isn't.
You can play with up to 4 people locally on your own PC using a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.
Or you can play against some AI controlled characters
Arms2d doesn't cost any money
I personally think that Arms2d is actually kind of fun despite the fact that the real Arms is way better
If nothing else, I hope this game is a fun little distraction that keeps you occupied until the real Arms is released.

Grab the download here

Nintendo sees $2.2 billion in market value added after Monster Hunter XX Switch announcement

Looks like investors are just a tad happy wtih the announcement of Monster Hunter XX coming to Switch. In Japan, Nintendo shares closed over 5 percent higher for Friday, accounting for an additional $2.2 billion added to its market capitalization. The other day we said Nintendo stock soared past the bump it received during the Pokemon GO craze. Now Nintendo's stock is at an 8.5 year high. Let's hope E3 2017 can push it even higher!

Disgaea 5 Complete includes all PS4 trophies, pop-up style

The Switch may not have a system-wide achievement/trophy system, but that didn't stop NIS America from including all the trophies that appear in the PS4 version of the game. As you can see in the screen above, the "rewards" you get in-game even pop up on screen similar to how they appear on the PS4. If you're a trophy/achievement junkie, this should be right up your alley!

Pokemon.com - Spin and shoot for strikes in the new Passimian’s Jungle Bowling minigame

A new minigame featuring Passimian has just rolled on to Pokemon.com. In Passimian's Jungle Bowling, dodge and weave the ball through the thick jungle and bowl over as many Berries as you can. Earn points by avoiding the rocks and trees in your way and by knocking down Berries over six rolls. Aim for a high score and challenge your friends!

Before you start playing Passimian's Jungle Bowling, be sure to log on to your Pokémon Trainer Club account. When you do, you'll be eligible for the game leaderboards, and you can track your top scores on your My Profile page!

Passimian's Jungle Bowling can be played on a desktop computer or a touch-screen device. Get rolling in Passimian's Jungle Bowling on Pokemon.com today!

RiME official soundtrack now available

The RiME official soundtrack is now available for all those who don't mind spoiling the soundtrack before we get the game! You can grab via Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. I can't find the Bandcamp link for the life of me, so that might not be coming until later today.

It's almost time for round one of the ARMS Global Testpunch!

Don't miss out – the first round of the ARMS Global Testpunch is on this weekend! On Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th, you can face off online* in an early access demo.

If you're a night owl, the first time you can fight is 01:00 BST on Saturday May 27th, but for those of you with a more regular sleeping pattern, you'll also be able to take part at 13:00 BST and 19:00 BST on the same day. The fighting re-commences on Sunday May 28th during the same time slots.

All you need to be able to take part is a Nintendo Switch, an internet connection, a Nintendo Account and the free** ARMS Global Testpunch software from Nintendo eShop. Need to create a Nintendo Account? We’ve got you covered. Simply head on over to the Create a Nintendo Account page and follow the instructions. Once you have that you can download the software from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch or via the ARMS gamepage***.

Full feature here

RiME - another round of screens

Such a gorgeous game. I really hope the Switch version can retain most of this game's look. So far, what we've seen looks pretty impressive!