Analysts predict Super Mario Run's success, Reggie on lack of microtransactions, Miyamoto on mobile approach

“This is definitely a defining moment for Nintendo. If Mario can’t get the job done, I don’t know what other character could.” - Yoshio Osaki, president of IDG Consulting Inc.

The following comes from Tero Kuittinen, a strategist at investment firm Kuuhubb Oy...

- premium price for “Super Mario Run” is risky
- consumers expect high-quality games free
- Nintendo could shortchange itself by not converting players into recurring payers

“Nintendo may make hundreds of millions with the Mario game, but it has effectively ruled out making billions of dollars.”

Coming from Reggie Fils-Aime...

- Super Mario Run is fast-paced and players won’t want interruptions from advertisements or in-app sales pitches
- “It’s not ‘Super Mario play, stop, and then have to pay more.’”

Coming from Shigeru Miyamoto

- phones weren’t powerful enough, which is why Nintendo hadn't created content for them
- now “there are more opportunities for consumers to come into contact with a mobile phone than our own gaming devices.”

Pokemon GO datamined once again, tons of new features found

Another big round of leaked data for Pokemon GO has come from dataminers. If you want the next big round of content ruined, hit the jump!

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Miaymoto on Mario as a mascot, Super Mario Run, Mario's future, mobile efforts, Animal Crossing & more

Coming from a Verge interview with Shigeru Miyamoto...

On Mario's role as a gaming mascot

“I feel like Mario was what introduced millions of people to video games and interactive entertainment, and I think that Mario will continue to serve that role and I think with Super Mario Run that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

On one-button game experiments that started on Wii

“As we were doing those Wii experiments, we thought that that kind of approach would perhaps best be suited to iPhone. So that became the basis for Super Mario Run. Nintendo has been making Mario games for a long time, and the longer you continue to make a series, the more complex the gameplay becomes, and the harder it becomes for new players to be able to get into the series. We felt that by having this simple tap interaction to make Mario jump, we’d be able to make a game that the broadest audience of people could play.”

On the Pokemon GO success

“Certainly when we first embarked on our mobile strategy, a key element for us was the idea of bringing our characters and [intellectual property] to a much broader audience, but I think we were surprised by the impact that [Pokémon Go] has had in terms of bringing that audience back to our own games.”

On releasing Animal Crossing to mobile and expanding the audience for the next traditional Animal Crossing game

“We have Super Mario Run releasing now, and it’s already decided that we’ll be making a Mario game for our next system and similarly with Animal Crossing, the hope is that when we release the Animal Crossing mobile game, we’ll have more people who become familiar with the Animal Crossing world and characters, so that when we next release an Animal Crossing game we’ll have a much larger audience who will be interested.”

On what kinds of Mario games fans of Super Mario Run will want

“Super Mario Run is going to introduce millions of more people to the fun of Mario, and it’ll become the entry point for them and then the question becomes, once you’ve gone through that entry point, then what comes next? Is it a more traditional Mario experience? Is it something like the Mario Galaxy games? We’ll then have to look at what it is these new fans want from a Mario game, and we’ll continue to see Mario evolve in that way.”

On Mario's first step into mobile and the legacy of the Wii U

“I hope people will continue to recognize the areas where Nintendo has taken that first step and hopefully someday people will look back on the Wii U and think ‘Oh wow, I remember when Nintendo did that, and now look at what’s come of that.’”

Miyamoto also said that franchises like Nintendogs could potentially work better as mobile-only experiences. He went on to say that, "depending on the IP there are different opportunities."

Super Mario Run - tons of new gameplay details

- Mario runs in a non-stop sprint
- you can redirect Mario in certain instances
- levels have multiple paths
- Mario can roll jump, long jump, vault jump, perform a landing roll, parkour roll over enemies or pull off a stall jump
- Mario can also mantle up onto ledges
- Pause Blocks let you take a second to breathe and analyze the level in front of you
- use the stall jump move by tapping and dragging backwards to slow Mario's speed
- use one of Mario's life bubbles to float backwards and take another crack at part of a course
- this uses up the life-saving item and the level's timer keeps on ticking as you do this
- 24 levels at launch, with the first 4 for free
- no free-to-play mechanics, no in-game currency
- Toad Rally lets you challenge friends and changes up sections of levels from the main mode
- points are awarded for stylish jumps, enemies stomped, coins collected and more
- Toads come to watch your run
- the winner of a course gets to keep all the Toads as inhabitants of your own Mushroom Kingdom
- Kingdom Builder mode is featured as the game's home screen
- the coins you collect let you add features to your Mushroom Kingdom
- this includes trees and warp pipes up to new Toad Houses, which offer bonuses every so often
- get homes for unlockable characters such as Yoshi and Luigi
- you need a certain level of Toad population before you can unlock the more elaborate objects
- a high enough level of Toads will even allow you to expand your miniature Mushroom Kingdom into multiple screens

Latest South Park episode shows love for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch & more

In the latest episode of South Park, we get to see a bit of Ike's internet browsing history. In the frame above, you can see mention of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There's also a screen where you can see mention of the Nintendo Switch as well. There's even a callback to South Park's spoof of Pokemon, Chinpokomon, by a search for Chinpokomon Sun & Moon. Thanks to Golfdude for the heads up!

Super Mario Run available to demo at Apple stores starting tomorrow

Looking to get some hands on with Super Mario Run before it launches on Dec. 15th? Apple stores nationwide are going to offer the game to demo in-store. Time to hit up your local Apple store and see if you can get some play time in!