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OCRemix releases Super Cartography Bros., 3-disc Mario map themes EDM album

• The OC ReMix community's 55th album
• 17 tracks of VGM remixes taking on map themes from 9 different Super Mario games (NES to Wii U)
• 3 different album versions, with an EDM focus: Radio, Club, and DJ Mix
• DJ Mix includes 73-minute non-stop DJ set assembled by Aaron "Global-Trance" Wu
• FLOSSY cover artwork by Maya "rnn" Petersen, cover artist of For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man & contributor to UDON's Mega Man Tribute art book
• Directed by club DJ and OC ReMix judge Michael "Flexstyle" Birch

Grab the album here

SEGA 2015 annual report - goals with digital/retail titles, appealing to fans and more

The following comes from SEGA's 2015 annual report...

- SEGA still sees business opportunities in packaged software
- packaged software will focus on recognizable IP
- United States and Europe call for a different approach that involves adapting digital titles to suit Western culture
- SEGA looks to change their mindset from focusing on creating new products and services to focusing on creating moving experiences for fan
- SEGA plans on 'Rolling Out a Series of Highly Appealing Digtal Titles Packed With Features'
- SEGA has a goal of becoming one of the top three digital game companies

SEGA also gave a look at how they're going to work towards developing titles in the future.

Thanks to Sonicandm2 for the heads up!

SEGA Europe sends Freedom Planet devs a holiday care package

So SEGA Europe just sent us a six-pack of these Christmas jumpers along with a personal message. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! #SolidarityInSpeed

Posted by Stevie DiDuro on Monday, November 30, 2015

Really nice to see SEGA Europe acknowleding the Freedom Planet devs this way. We all know Freedom Planet wouldn't exist without Sonic, and it's clear that SEGA sees the title as a love-letter to Sonic, rather than a reason to get angry.

Splatoon's Nintendo Treehouse 'Splatournament' - bracket breakdown

Japan - Monster Hunter X surpasses Monster Hunter 4G total eShop sales in 3 days

We don't have actual numbers, but we don't really need them right now. We know that after 3 days, Monster Hunter X managed to beat out the total amount of sales that Monster Hunter 4G sold via the eShop. Looks like retailer sellouts have a lot to do with Monster Hunter X's success on the eShop!