Woman killed after struck by Pokemon Go distracted driver

This comes from Kotaku:

Last night at around 7:25pm in the Japanese city Tokushima, two women were hit while crossing the street, fatally injuring one of them. The driver, 39 year-old Keiji Goh, admitted he wasn’t watching the road ahead, because he was playing Pokémon Go.

According to ANN, one of the women, 72 year-old Sachiko Nakanishi, was transported to the hospital, where she later died. The other woman, 60 year-old Kayoko Igawa, suffered serious injuries from the accident.

NHK reports that Goh, who has since been arrested, is quoted as saying, “I was playing Pokémon Go while driving, so I didn’t really see what was in front of me.”

Earlier this month, a Pokémon Go update warned players not to play while driving.

Psycho Pigs - review

Here is a summary of a NintendoLife review of the 3DS title Psycho Pigs:

Psycho Pigs remains an arcade game despite its makeover, and is best played in short and frantic bursts. It is a good example of a simple and fast-paced game to play without too much commitment; this is certainly a reasonable option for quickfire fun.

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Last week's video content from GoNintendo

Time to call it a day, my friends. I'm going to spend some time watching Nicky Hill play through Inside. He's yelling and shrieking...it's quite fun! You all have a wonderful night and I'll see you in a few, short hours.

Big week for the Parents Play series. As a matter of fact, it's the biggest episode we've ever had! Not the longest, mind you...but the culmination of all the recent changes we've been making. It's the first in the series to have a face cam! That's going to be a constant from here on out, but this time you can enjoy the magic of my parents not knowing they're being recorded until the very end!

We also have the 575th episode of the GoNIntendo Podcast! It's a three-person show this week where we have SO much to talk about that it becomes a super-sized show! Won't you join us for the info and stupidity?

Lastly, but certainly not least, it's the latest episode of Eggbusters! Watch Austin tackle Majora's Mask yet again, but this time you see him take on a brand-new glitch. Will this week turn out with more success than last time?

Japan - This week's 3DS themes

World End Economica: Episode 1 – 200 yen
Cheerful Story – 200 yen
Secret Cat – 200 yen
96 Cats: Crimson Stain – 200 yen