The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Mega Win Casino Slots' Wii U release put on hold, could see NX release

Last Pokemon jet takes its final flight, but there's good news

ANA has taken the last Pokemon jet on its final flight. The jet's last ride was involved with the Kumamoto earthquake relief effort, which is quite a wonderful way to go out. After that, ANA retired the jet and removed its Pokemon artwork. While that's certainly a sad situation, there's some good news too. There are plans to create yet another Pokemon-themed jet! We'll just have to hang tight for info on just when that'll launch.

Etrian Odyssey V - Races, Mastery and Second Names detailed


Reaper (Earthrun)

– Has unique fighting style in weakening and/or inflicting ailments enemies with miasma
– Attacks offensively with a scythe

Notable Skills:

– Miasmic Armament – Sacrifices own HP to turn into battle mode
– Exorcism Scythe – Attacks an enemy close-range; if Miasmic Armament is on it also has probability of inflicting Curse
– Spirit Approach – While exploring dungeons, disperse miasma to lure monsters; raises both encounter rate and EXP gain for a number of steps

Cestus (Earthrun)

– Special attacker who accurately attacks with fists and seals certain enemy body parts
– Can also sacrifice HP to use some powerful skills

Notable Skills:

– Arm Break – Attacks an enemy with probability of inflicting Arm Seal
– Blood Rampage – Counter skill that deals back damage to self into the enemy who attacks; each time own HP decreases there’s also a chance to execute an attack with weapon’s element
– Demon Man Fist – Sacrifices own HP to launch close-range attack on an enemy and its left and right.

Necromancer (Lunaria)

– Technical all-rounder who can summon dead spirits and use various kinds of skills from offense, defense to support
– Very versatile but hard to master

Notable Skills

– Summon Dead Spirit – Sacrifices own HP to summon a dead spirit. Can also be called while travelling in dungeons
– Flame Bomb – Converts a dead spirit into a bomb, and launch it as a long-range fire attack to all enemies
– Compensation to Life – Converts a dead spirit into lifeforce, healing all allies’ HP

Hound (Therian)

– Hunters who attack with a bow and can also utilize help from the offensive hawk and supportive hunting dog; the latter can heal allies and seal enemy body parts
– Depending on the skills learned, it’ll be possible to call both the hawk and dog at the same time

Notable Skills

– Hawk Flute – Calls a hawk; can also be used while travelling in dungeon
– Twin Wing Flash – After performing a highest priority long range thrusting attack on an enemy, the hawk executes a slashing attack on the row.
– Dog Flute – Calls a dog; can also be used while travelling in dungeon
– Rescue Order – orders the dog to heal an ally’s HP and status ailments

Shaman (Bronie)

– Priests who can communicate with invisible beings, heal allies and strengthen defenses
– Specialized for support from rear side

Notable Skills:

– Prayer: Tutelary God – Raises all allies’ defense for 3 turns
– Gospel – When giving a strengthening skill to an ally, their HP will be also healed at the same time – Oracle: Wild Dance – If Prayer: Blaze, Ice Rain or Purple Lightning is used, this skill will convert it into a long range attack with the respective element that hits all enemies and lowers their resistance to that element until the turn ends

Mastery and Second Name

A job has certain requirements which, if fulfilled, will make them master the job. When this is reached, the player can choose from one of two Second Names to give the character a set of Mastery Skills that change based on the Second Name picked.

For example:

Fencer’s Second Names and Mastery Skills

Illusion Swordsman (specialize in evading)

– Bewitching Swords Dance: This skill will disorient enemy’s sense of distance; decreases accuracy to an enemy lane for 3 turns
– Sharp Thrust: Lightly attacks an enemy to draw attention towards oneself while increasing evasion for a turn

Lightning Swift Swordsman (specialize in combo)

– Resonance: Close-range thrusting attack to an enemy; the damage increases based on amount of attacks activated from Chain skills and others last turn
– Chain Killer: On the turn this skill is used, if the target enemy is being inflicted by status ailments or seals from ally skills, the user will perform another thrusting attack

FreezeMe heading to Japan this Summer

Yet another Wii U eShop game is finally making its way over to Japan. FreezeMe has been announced for Japanese localization, and it's heading over to Japan courtesy of Cosen. While there's no specific release date right now, we do know that the game will be released sometime this Summer.

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for May 1st, 2016

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 1 new and 3 returning sets of Mario Kart badges (2nd set is new)
- 2 returning sets of Splatoon badges
- 1 new and 1 returning set of Pokémon badges
- 1 new and 1 returning set of Animal Crossing badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Project X Zone removed from 3DS eShop in North America/Europe

While Project X Zone 2 is still availble to download, there's something strange going on with the original title. We don't know why, but Project X Zone has disappeared from the eShop in North America and Europe. If you've already downloaded the game and go to redownload, you'll get a 'This software is currently unavailable' message. We'll try to find out what's up with the game's removal. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

Pokemon - Where to find your Darkrai distribution

United States - Gamestop - May 1st through May 24th
Canada - EBGames - May 1st through May 24th
United Kingdom - GAME - May 1st through May 24th
Australia & New Zealand - EBGames - May 1st through May 24th
Spain - GAME - May 1st through May 24th
Germany - Gamestop - May 2nd through May 24th
France - Micromania - May 2nd through May 15th
Italy - Micromania - May 1st through May 24th
Belgium - FNAC or GameMania - May 1st through May 24th
Netherlands - GameMania - May 1st through May 24th
Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark - BR Stores - May 12th through July 31st

Over 30 animators recreate the Smash Bros. Melee intro

Thanks to Swedish_Otaku for the heads up!

Dragon Ball Fusions - latest translated scan from V-Jump

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