Stone Shire - review

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The absence of features such as an acceptable draw distance, NPCs, a useful crafting system - and much more besides - makes Stone Shire feel like a rushed and unfinished demo of a better game. While the developers have made big promises for what'll be added in future updates, the game that's live on the eShop today is a proof-of-concept at best. Some may have fun chopping down trees with pickaxes and throwing together structures with the limited number of blocks, but this is really a title that can only be recommended to the most blindly devoted fans of this genre.

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BBC iPlayer now out for Wii U owners in UK

Fans of BBC programming in the United Kingdom can rejoice, as now the BBC iPlayer is available in the UK! It is a 94 MB file, and once downloaded it will provide hours of on demand programming, as well as off-TV viewing on the GamePad.

Dragon Quest VIII website now open

Square Enix has updated the Dragon Quest VIII website. Originally a teaser, the web site is now fully open for those to explore. It's in Japanese, but one can still hope a western release will see the light of day!

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Metal Marines - review

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Metal Marines is a good game, and fans of strategy will find a lot to like here. The bland presentation and initially confusing gameplay date this one a bit, but get past the fact that Metal Marines is a (charming) relic of the past and there's a fun, challenging RTS waiting in the eShop.

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