Splatoon - 100% walkthrough, tips and tricks, and more

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Adventures of Pip due out next week

Adventures of Pip was originally slated to come out June 11th, but Tic Toc Games just got in touch with some great news. The game has had its release date bumped up by a week, so now you can check it out on June 4th! This title has been a long time coming, so hearing news of an earlier release is that much sweeter!

P.S. - My parents are going to play this game tonight for their latest Parents Play feature!

Don't Starve: Giant Edition facing free eShop code issue

Japan - A look at Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX's CD/Blu-ray soundtrack collection

Hatsune Miku

- called “Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Complete”
- 5 CDs and a Blu-ray disc
- features songs and opening/ending videos from the entire Project Mirai series
- mini booklet and other small goodies
- includes a limited “Nendoroid Petite Mikudayo Complete Ver.”
- available on September 2, 2015 for 8,980 yen

Samurai Warriors 3 Chronicles not getting Nintendo-themed content in NA/EU

- will not include Nintendo-themed costumes for its Western release
- costumes based on Link and Zelda from Hyrule Warriors were available in the Japanese version
- Koei Tecmo says “those costumes are Japan-exclusive”

Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary site gets updated with series history info

Amazon - Wave 4 amiibo availability details

Nintendo UK eShop - 10% off amiibo with purchase of select Wii U games