Fan-Art: StarFox 2 cartridge, box

I mean, I would shell out a ridiculous amount of money to have an actual StarFox 2 cartridge. This fan-made version is gorgeous enough for me! Marry the design with a working cart and I'll start emptying my piggy bank now!

Has-Been Heroes - Version 1.0.3 update available

Added information about the heroes to the Heroes menu
Added more spell effects (visual)
Gameplay: Herald of Gales boss melee hits from 6 to 5 and Max Stamina from 18 to 16
Gameplay: Fire now removes freeze on enemies who are immune to fire
Gameplay: Fixed the Charm bug (does not hit heroes when charm ends)
Gameplay: Fixed Final Boss wet+wind bottom row issue
Gameplay: Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs
Gameplay: Fixed issues in tutorial helpers
Gameplay: Fixed dialogue text box “shadow copy”
Gameplay: Fixes to the backstab issues
Polished sound design
Polished spell effects
Polished text box wordwrap
Polished endings (incl. final story ending)
Switch: Improved controller detection and initialization
PS4: Polished controller button images

Capcom removing The Great Ace Attorney fan-translations from YouTube

Capcom has decided to remove fan-translations of The Great Ace Attorney from YouTube. We have no idea why they're choosing to do so now, but it seems multiple channels are being hit hard. Either this is a good sign for an impending localization, or a bad sign of Capcom's approach to fan projects in the future. Not to be pessimistic, but I'm feeling like option 2 is more likely. Thanks to CM30 for the heads up.

GoNintendo Video - Let's take a look at GoNNER on Switch (with gameplay commentary)

Want to check out some footage of GoNNER running on Switch? How about some footage of me playing for the first time, complete with commentary? If any of that tickles your fancy, I've got a video that's right up your alley!

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's creative director gives Miyamoto a unique gift

Mr. Soliani clearly knows his stuff about Miyamoto, which is why he presented him with a one-of-a-kind lute! Miyamoto loves to spend his free time playing music, and I'm sure he's already strumming away on his gift.

New speedrun record set for getting all stars across 5 different Mario games

Watch live video from Vallu111 on www.twitch.tv

Got a spare 25 hours, 33 minutes? Why not spend it watching the speedrun record above? Vallu111 managed to grab the record by collecting all the stars in Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World. Now who's willing to try and top this?!

Level-5 considering past projects for Switch, why the next Layton has a female lead, her relationship to Hershel

A portion of a GameSpot interview with Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino...

GS: ...Or even giving people access to those older games. Consoles keep changing, like Layton going over to mobile. Nintendo has had a big push with Switch. Do you think about giving access in some way to the previous Layton games to a wider audience through smartphone or Switch?

AH: With Layton's Mystery Journey on smartphone, we're getting that know-how, the knowledge of how to move it onto the smartphone platform. And we are actually looking into trying to bring past projects onto maybe a smartphone, maybe even a new console, like Switch. But nothing is really decided yet. We're looking into that right now.

GS: For Layton's Mystery Journey, what drove the decision to switch the protagonist from Layton to Katrielle?

AH: In the Layton stories, he solves mysteries to tackle a bigger mystery. That was the core of the story, and that's the Layton series' defining characteristic. But I felt like for this seventh one, by switching to his daughter, we're able to create a more everyday kind of mystery that people might actually run across. And then it's a young, vibrant atmosphere, which we thought would bring in a more interesting, new story for all the fans out there. And this is a little bit of a secret, but Layton will probably appear a little bit in these series too. [laughs]

GS: Is Katrielle really his daughter? There has been a romance angle in the previous games, but did Layton end up getting married?

AH: So the whole question of whether or not she's really his daughter, that's also part of the mystery of the Layton series. Just keep playing and you'll find out a little bit more about the history behind that.

If Fire Emblem Warriors is received well, the dev team would like to make a sequel

Coming from a Nintendo Life interview with Yosuke Hayashi of Koei Tecmo and Masahiro Higuchi of Intelligent Systems...

NL: Fire Emblem has enjoyed a long history of success in Japan, but has only recently become mainstream in the West with he launch of Awakening for the 3DS. With Hyrule Warriors, Zelda was already massively popular. Is it the hope that Fire Emblem Warriors will further establish the Fire Emblem franchise’s popularity?

Higuchi-san: Well of course we’d be happy if players who played this game became more interested in the Fire Emblem franchise and went back to past games and played those; that would be a great result. But, basically what we’re excited about with this project was having these characters from past FE games show up in a Warriors game where they could be involved in the thrilling action of taking on hordes of soldiers, which is a kind of experience that’s a little different from the Fire Emblem games or the way that you’ve seen them before. If Fire Emblem’s fans play this and this is the first time they play a Warriors game and they fall in love with the Warriors-style games that’s great. If Warriors fans play a Fire Emblem themed game and grow interested in the franchise, that would be great too. If everything goes well and people enjoy the game, it would be great to make a sequel where we could offer many of the other characters that people have been hoping will show up in the game.

Full interview here

Fan-Art: Another round of video game-related coffee tables

My neighbor makes these video game coffee tables

We featured the Ocarina of Time coffee table a few days back, but now you can hit up the gallery above to see all sorts of other designs. That SNES controller coffee table is pretty slick!

De Mambo - EU Switch eShop listing shows July 6th release

Looks like De Mambo may have been pushed back by a week, if the eShop listing above is any indication. This comes from the EU eShop, so no word on if the delay is worldwide.


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