Teens React - Nintendo Switch

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Netherlands - Retailer sells The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild early

There's always some retailer out that breaks street dates, and today we have that retailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Media Markt doesn't seem to care about the street date, or they have an employee that wasn't paying enough attention!

The Mexican Runner beats the last of 714 NES games - live-stream recording

The other day, we told you about The Mexican Runner, who had been working for 3 years to complete every NES game ever, all 714 of them. Today he finished up the 714th title, which he chose to be Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Switch file size detailed

In other words, a tiny amount of space. Nothing to worry about if you're going the digital route.

Classic 1989 Miyamoto interview looks at dev team size, Miyamoto's basic concept for Mario

The following interview snippets come from a 1989 interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, as conducted in TV Game: denshi yuugi taizen...

Q: How many people do you usually have on a development team?

Miyamoto: From 6-12 people. For our recent games with a lot of content, we need assistants, people to create the maps, etc… so the size of our teams is gradually increasing. For Super Mario Bros., I believe we had 8 people.

Q: What was your basic concept for Super Mario Bros? I’ve heard the basic idea was to make a platformer that used the Mario character.

Miyamoto: From a marketing standpoint, the idea was to make a game that anyone could enjoy, yet would also appeal to game maniacs. At the planning stage, we talked about wanting to make a game that would compile the best aspects of post-Donkey Kong platformers, and also set a new standard. We all thought it was going to be our final celebration of cartridge games… we had a lot of fun making it.

John Cena gets in on the "You Can't See Me" meme to promote Switch

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This comes from John Cena's instagram. He's very well aware of the "You Can't See Me" meme, and clearly has taken advantage of it here to promote the Switch. Thanks to Tetrodox for the heads up!

Best Buy having issues with "failed authorization" glitch on Switch purchases

If you ordered a Switch from Best Buy, keep an eye on your preorder. Numerous reports are coming in about an issue with orders, many of which are tied to a "failed authorization" glitch when it comes to payment. A Best Buy rep has confirmed that this is a glitch on their end, and they are working on it. If this happens to you, contact consumer service and they will open a ticket for you. Resolution for the issue should be handled within 48 hours. Thanks to ChrisRo for the heads up.