PixelMaker update now available in EU, hitting NA tomorrow

– Exporting of PNG images to SD card.
– Six new fonts for adding text.
– Scaling and outlining of inserted text.
– Option to hide the user interface.
– Left-to-right interface flip for left-handed users.
– Option to scale TV image to full display size.
– Selection and use of colors from image that are not in the palette.
– Text entry of color RGB values.
– Auto-sizing of color palette to fit available space.

Collectible Badge Center - badge update from Aug. 25th, 2016

- two panels of new Rhythm Tengoku/Heaven badges
- six panels of Yokai Watch 3 badges
- four panels of Animal Crossing badges
- free Baito badge for ¥90 spent
- Rhythm Tengoku theme for ¥180

Fan ports Bianco Hills to Super Mario 3D Land

Thanks to CM30 for the heads up!

Sweden gets a new Mario statue

They had one before, but now it's been upgraded in a major way. That new version is looking extra swanky!

Zero Time Dilemma - watches now being sent to retailers