The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Super Robo Mouse - due out April 7th

More details on social reaction to Pokemon Super Bowl ad - 1 in 10 viewers cried

Information comes from the consumer-sentiment analytics firm Canvs...

- 20 million views on YouTub

- 11,461 total tweets when it aired during the Super Bowl

- 36.9 percent (4,230) of the tweets were genuine emotional response

- around two-thirds of the emotional engagements fell into the “love” category

- 1 in 10 of the social responses were from someone claiming they “cried.”

Legend of Zelda randomizer turns the original NES game into a new experience every time

You're looking at footage from The Legend of Zelda Randomizer. It's a computer program that allows you to tweak all kinds of aspects of the game, with the result being a very different and new experience. Here's just some of the things the randomizer can do.

- Move around the contents of caves in the overworld
- dungeons which contain essential items and Triforce pieces can be moved around as well
- game can leave its own cryptic hints as to dungeon locations
- Move the enemies around in the overworld
- Move the rooms around in each dungeon.
- use the game’s Second Quest as a resource to take further dungeon layouts and enemy groups from
- construct challenge games that hide the Wooden Sword somewhere different in the world map

Project X Zone 2 producer talks collaboration challenges, interest in continuing the series

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Bandai Namco Producer Kensuke Tsukanaka ...

NL: Was it a notable logistical challenge to collaborate with both Capcom and SEGA in crossing over their respective IPs? And in terms of this sequel, has including Nintendo and developer Monolith Soft's characters added to the challenge when producing this game?

Kensuke Tsukanaka: We put as much care as possible into the IPs from Capcom and SEGA, and also had a lot of communication with them on how to handle their important characters and titles. Of course, Project X Zone 2 is a title which could not have been realized without their kind support. Moreover, characters from Nintendo titles join the rest in this game, which meant we had to be even more thoughtful - but including such great franchises from these three publishers gave us many possibilities and helped us realise this fantastic crossover in Project X Zone 2. We're really happy about this, and I believe this is one of the great cross-overs in recent years.

NL: Is this crossover franchise a series you hope to continue for years to come, or is there a finite plan for this run of games?

Kensuke Tsukanaka: I personally would like to continue such a cross-over series game even though this kind of game is not that easy to realize each time. Additionally, I would really just like all players to try the game and hopefully enjoy playing it – and as a result of Project X Zone 2, if players demand another crossover game, we're happy to start planning the next one!

Full interview here

Super Mario Maker - Pit of Panga: Grown Man's Garden stage footage

These Pit of Panga stages are absolutely brutal. I really need to set aside some time for myself to try one of these. I know it's going to end in tears!

Pokemon news - Pokken Tournament Shadow Mewtwo info, Pokemon Shuffle distribution

Pokken Tournament

- Shadow Mewtwo's Psywave attacks can be used in multiple different ways
- go on the offence with both Power and Technical moves
- Psywave is primarily a close combat move used for setting up combos
- it can also be used as a vortex to suck in opponents
- can also be used as a projectile
- Shadow Mewtwo's objective is somehow tied to a mysterious girl
- can use Thunder Punch, Fire Punch and Ice Punch in quick succession
- if all three hit, a huge amount of damage is dealt
- can also use Hyper Beam

Pokemon Shuffle distribution

- to celebrate the opening of the Pokémon Center Online service in Japan
- special Pikachu is to be distributed via Serial Code
- code is sent to people making their first order on the site from February 16th through May 22nd
- Pikachu comes with the moves Surf, Fly, Agility and Celebrate