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Pachter comments on amiibo success, thinks Nintendo should continue making hardware

WARNING - THIS IS A MICHAEL PACHTER FEATURE. If his comments enrage you, please avoid hitting the jump. If you are okay with his comments, please click through to view a video interview.

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RUMOR - Best Buy to get decent stock of Dark Pit amiibo

Info is coming from various Best Buy employees...

- most stores around the United States will get about 50 Dark Pit amiibo each
- 15 or so seems like the low end
- some locations are expecting 80 units
- Best Buy's not offering a pre-order window or online ordering for this amiibo

A look at early Banjo-Kazooie dev docs, designs ideas and more

Mercenaries Saga 2 - more details on sales success so far

- already sold 5,000 copies in North America in a "very short time"
- North American sales seem stronger than the equivalents for Japan
- response in Europe has also been "good"
- unable to arrange for the game to have its own promotional eShop shelf in North America
- better support has been forthcoming in Europe
- numbers are "encouraging", and look on track to be better than for Adventure Bar Story

Japan - A pair of Bike Rider games coming to Wii U

We don't know if these titles are going to see release stateside, as Nintendo's report just shows them for Japan. Let's hope we get them localized as well!

RARE was developing Velvet Dark, a 'sister title' to Perfect Dark

The info comes from Rare's Creative Director, Gregg Mayles...

- Velvet is the sister of Joanna
- document mentions Game Boy Advance compatibility
- seemed to be in the works for the N64