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Nintendo UK - Some Super Mario Box orders may be delayed

If you're wondering where your Super Mario Box order is, keep an eye on your email. Nintendo UK may have some delay news for you.

Dear *****,

Thank you for pre-ordering the Super Mario Box (Limited Edition) with the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Regrettably there has been a delay in the dispatch of this product which unfortunately means your order will not be arriving today.

We are expecting this item to be delivered to you by Friday 23rd October 2015.

Should you wish to contact us about your order, please feel free to contact a member of our support team via your account.

Kind Regards,
Nintendo Official UK Store

Former HAL America leader looks back on 30 years of interacting with Iwata

Coming from former HAL America leader, Yash Terakura...

“In 1979 or 1980, Iwata was stopping by my office almost every day after school," he writes. "He helped me make test programs, sorted my books and floppy disks, and did other minor things. He was helping so that he could obtain news about our new products, as well as technical information not available to the public.""He was a so-called 'otaku.' Of course, we did not have that term 'otaku' at that time," says Terakura. "He and other students were Commodore groupies.

...He was a very quiet person, and he was nice to others, but when it came to a design or concept of a project, he could be very hard headed. He did not agree with other people unless he was very sure that their idea was better than his.

...I started my own company, but we kept in touch. I go to Japan often, so I was planning to call him and have a dinner in August or so. I guess that will never happen."

Telltale & Mojang discuss the process of building Minecraft: Story Mode

"For the last year we've had a specific private Telltale Minecraft server. We've tinkered around in Telltale town and built all kinds of contraptions and buildings, and we've been documenting everything that's been going on in there." - Job Stauffer, creative communications director at Telltale

"We're not going to go out looking for something desperately in order to expand the narrative. It's not like we sat down and went, 'Hey, we need more ways to make narrative in Minecraft.' But if something cool comes along and it kind of fits, and we feel like we could do a really good job and do justice to the game, I don't see why not." - Owen Hill, creative communications director at Mojang

Full interview here

RUMOR - Splatoon players using hacked character models getting banned

If you've been trying out the hack that let's you play as Octolings in Splatoon, you might want to stop taking that character model online. Rumor has it that Nintendo is out to ban any player that is using unreleased character models online. If you're going to mess around with that content, keep it confined to your single player experience!

The Legend of Legacy - localization changes detailed

- In NG+, all the money and formations you designed now carry over
- Any special weapons you created will also be available to purchase in the shop
- Drop rates for items and materials was increased across the board
- Drop rate for rare items goes up in subsequent NG+.
- the time it takes the trade ship to return is decreased substantially
- the ship uses real-world time, and we've decreased the amount of time it takes to return

RIVE - details from updated build

- most likely due out in 2016
- side-scrolling shmup and platformer shooting
- basic puzzle solving thrown in with hidden paths or the use of hacking
- hack robots of various kinds to provide support such as health regeneration or extra gunning
- right stick shoots
- four types of secondary weapons assigned to the face buttons
- these vary from seeking missiles to the equivalent of a powerful shotgun-style blast
- power-up drops come in the form of health and sub weapon ammo
- only have one sub-weapon shot at a time at the start
- gameplay is largely linear with humorous narrative thrown in
- no life system, but plentiful checkpoints
- designed for skilled gamers that want a challenge
- some areas have hovering and anti-gravity