Yo-kai Watch 2 gets Australian rating

Looks like Level-5 is going to make good on bringing out Yo-Kai Watch 2 in Australia, and in turn, Europe. Today the Australia rating for both versions of the game has surfaced, which means the game is indeed set for Australia. These Aussie ratings almost always mean an EU release is soon to follow as well.

Pokemon GO hits 75 million downloads

This is an absolutely insane phenomenon. The Pokemon GO juggernaut just keeps racking up insane numbers. It has now been confirmed that Pokemon GO has been installed on mobile devices over 75 million times. There's no chance this game isn't going to hit a 100 million downloads for the first month of availability. Now let's just see how high it goes!

Woman arrested, accused of intentionally hitting Pokemon GO player

There are some people that really, REALLY don't like Pokemon GO or its players. One such case involves a Maine woman that is being accused of intentionally hitting a Pokemon GO player. She yelled out and asked the person if they wanted to be hit, the person yelled something back and the woman backed her car up a good 20 feet in order to hit the gas and run the player down. Thankfully, it seems the person that was hit is doing okay.

Pokemon GO success helps downloads of Niantic's other mobile game

You may know Niantic as the developer of Pokemon GO, but that's not the first game they put on mobile. The developer had released Ingress awhile back, which is another game that uses GPS and real-world locations for gameplay. It seems like Japan is keen to get in on anything that Niantic has made. With Pokemon GO taking the top download spot, Japanese gamers have bumped Ingress all the way up to the 6th spot in overall downloads.

RUMOR - NX info coming soon, specs and pricing of certain aspects

Coming from our friend Emily Rogers...

Well then, I guess we should keep our eyes glued to the internet for some details soon! Would certainly be nice to hear some concrete info after all this talk of rumors and unspecified specs.

Third party PokeDetector app allows Pokemon GO to interact with smart watches

- app available on the Play Store called PokeDetector,
- pairs an Android Wear smartwatch with Pokemon GO
- gives a heads-up when you’re near a Pokémon
- keep the game running on your phone while it's in your pocket and be notified on your wrist
- app uses unofficial Pokémon Go code, which could lead to you being banned
- features a map mode if you want to see what’s outside your immediate zone

Take-Two are believers in Nintendo, enthusiastic about NX

A portion of a GamesIndustry interview with Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two...

"We're believers. We never want to count Nintendo out. They do it over and over and over again. So we feel pretty enthusiastic actually. (Nintendo's position in the console race is) not a slump, it's intentional. They come to market, they do really well, and then they sort of exit the market for a period of time. They've been doing it for like 150 years, and that company has been doing the same thing... They're really thoughtful, they come to market with something they really think is going to work, more often than not it really works, it blows up and then eventually they let it decline and they move on to the next thing. They don't mind having time in between."

Level-5 grabs 'Lady Layton', 'Inazuma Eleven Ares' and more trademarks

Level-5's big Vision conference on July 27th. It looks like the company might be preparing some trademarks for that event right now, giving fans some very interesting things to talk about. Here's some of the trademarks the company just grabbed for Europe.

- Lady Layton
- Inazuma Eleven Ares
- Megaton Musashi
- Otome Hero
- Yo-Kai Daijiten
- Yo-Kai Watch Geraporhythm

Will these all turn out to be new games, or are some of these just trademarks to throw fans of Level-5's scent? I guess we'll find out on July 27th!