The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

My Parents Play - Wario Land Shake It!

What better way to spend a Friday night than with my Mom, Dad and Wario? After opening up the vote to you guys on Twitter, my parents ended up checking out Wario Land Shake It!. After watching them play, I'm starting to get worried about my Dad. He's still just as weird as ever, but he might actually be getting better at games!

Pokemon OR/AS - Zygarde 50% Forme available to download in Europe (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Zygarde is now available to download in North America as well

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter update - Meet Some Lesser Demons

Seama - The demon parasite of the sea! Water monsters are always essential, but we wanted to do something unusual this time around—that's why our sea monster influence was the humble jellyfish.

It worked out well. But it's so jiggly... it looks kind of delicious.

Full update here

Collectible Badge Center - new badges for April 29th, 2016 (Japan)

Collectible Badge Center

- two free plays
- return of several Lawson and Animal Crossing badges

Amazon - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Special Edition preorders open

Company looking to release print run of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water?

There would have to be some major hurdles here in getting a physical release out stateside, but that's what Limited Run Games specializes in. I can't imagine this will happen, but good on them for trying!