Nintendo to acquire 70% of JESNET

Nintendo to release FY 2016 second quarter earnings release October 26

Nintendo announced today that they will detail their Second Quarter Earnings Release on October 26. We'll probably see an updated release date list, but it will mostly be concerning Nintendo's business during the second quarter.

Famitsu's most wanted - Aug. 4th to 9th, 2016

01. Dragon Quest XI (530)
02. Pokémon Sun Moon (527)
03. Monster Hunter Stories (262)
04. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (220)
05. The Snack World (124)

Japan: My Nintendo rewards catalog Update (Now available in EU)

- Samus 3DS theme without expiration date (also added in EU)
- My Nintendo themes 1 & 2 have been added back
- all 3 items available for 200 Platinum coins

Thanks to Rance for the heads up!