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UK retailers give their initial thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

These quotes come from a MCV article...

''It’s very Nintendo to bring something new and different to the market. The early third party list supporting the console is impressive. Let’s see what gaming brands are announced over the coming months.

The storage space is high up on the list of questions. The future is most certainly going the digital way for Nintendo as well. The storage will dictate the requirements for cartridges which are unclear at the moment.''
- ShopTo’s head of commercial Alison Fraser

''I was pleasantly surprised by the Switch reveal and I’m optimistic about it’s sales potential. I think it’s a significant step up from the Wii U and, with the third party support they’re boasting, will hopefully appeal to a very broad spectrum of consumers. I look forward to seeing more details around the specs and, crucially, price! With the more powerful and established PS4 and Xbox One consoles now hovering around £249, the Switch needs to be competitive.'' - Games buyer at HMV Nathan Allen

''Would running a game like Breath Of The Wild drain the battery quickly? The controllers look a bit small when they’re detached from the Switch, so will they cause discomfort?

Also, if Switch isn’t going to support 3DS or Wii U games, will this harm sales?''
- Gameseek’s Stephen Staley

REPORT - Renesas yet to overcome legacy of failed Wii U

TOKYO -- Nintendo unveiled earlier this month the concept of Nintendo Switch, its new portable gaming device that replaces Wii U, the Japanese maker's home console.

While the original Wii, launched in 2006, became a huge hit with sales of 101 million units, its successor Wii U was a flop -- with mere 13 million units sold.

Nintendo did not suffer alone, though. Renesas Electronics, the manufacturer of Wii U's key semiconductors, also took a hit, and the Japanese chipmaker has continued to struggle with the negative legacy of this failure.

Ace Attorney Best Selection CDs coming to Japan in January

- Ace Attorney Series: Best Collection – Phoenix Wright
- Ace Attorney Series: Best Collection – Apollo Justice
- both CDs will both include 18 tracks, with 17 tracks from the games themselves and 1 bonus track each (details later)
- tracks are taken from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Sound Box and original soundtracks for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

Phoenix Wright tracklist
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2001
Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters’ Theme 2001
Reminiscing ~ Heartbroken Maya
Dick Gumshoe ~ Detective Gumshoe, Pal!
Larry Butz ~ When Something Smells, It’s Usually Me
Pearl Fey ~ With Pearly
Miles Edgeworth ~ Grand Revival 2013
Reminiscing ~ DL-6 Incident
Confess the Truth 2004
Godot ~ The Fragrance of Dark Coffee
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! 2013
Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2001
Grand Revival ~ Franziska von Karma
Prosecutor’s Murmur ~ Until We Meet Again
Rayfa Padma Khura’in ~ The Unyielding High Priestess
Pursuit ~ Keep Pressing On
Turnabout Sisters’ Ballad
Bonus Track (TBD)

Apollo Justice tracklist
Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials!
Trucy’s Theme ~ Child of Magic
Troupe Gramarye 2016
The Guitar’s Serenade
Ema Skye ~ Scientist Detective 2016
Klavier Gavin ~ Guilty Love
Lamiroir ~ The Landscape Artist in Sound
Bobby Fulbright ~ In Justice We Trust!
Athena Cykes ~ Let’s Do This!
Simon Blackquill ~ Distorted Swordsmanship
Nahyuta ~ The Last Rites Prosecutor
Dhurke ~ A Dragon Never Yields
Athena Cykes ~ Courtroom Revolutionnaire
Cross-Examination ~ Allegro 2007
Pursuit ~ Gotta Corner It
Reminiscing ~ A Smile, No Matter What
Won the Case! ~ Our Victory
Bonus Track (TBD)

The Yetee - Super Switch, Pumpkin Zone shirts and hoodies available today only

Pokemon Sun/Moon - final starters revealed on TCG packaging

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Chronicles of Teddy, Star Sky 2 seeing release in Japan

The Wii U isn't dead yet! The indies continue to keep it alive. Both Chronicles of Teddy and Star Sky 2 are going to see relase in Japan. No release date for either yet, but I'm sure that'll change soon.

SEGA grabs rights to create games based on Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Are we going to see another Mario and Sonic Olympics title? We don't know for sure, but SEGA has certainly paved the way to making that happen. SEGA has announced that they've obtained the exclusive rights to create games for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. SEGA didn't announce official plans yet and I imagine we won't hear any for quite some time.