Mega Man 6 - Jet Rockman, Power Rockman figures coming in October

- Figures are of Jet Rockman and Power Rockman from Mega Man/Rock Man 6

- To be sold in a 2 pack for 8,000 yen, or $79

- Coming to Japan sometime in October

Runbow Devs talk about a possible old 3DS port, sales

Here is a portion of an interview with 13AM Games from Nintendo Enthusiast:

NE: Is it just for New 3DS?

13AM: “We’re going to try to bring it to old 3DS, we just can’t confirm that yet. The juice in the New 3DS really helps out with power, but we’ll do everything in our power to bring it to the old 3DS. That is our goal. We don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver.”

NE: Did Runbow sell well?

13AM: “We’re still working. It’s no overnight several million dollar success, but its keeping our studio running, and the fans are passionate, people are excited about the new announcements. We’re keeping it rolling and its keeping us alive."

Read the full interview here

Three Splatoon songs coming to Wii Karaoke U

- Available to European Wii U owners for Wii Karaoke U

- Features songs "City of Colour", "Ink Me Up" and "Calamari Inkantation".

- Out July 28

AUS PR - It's Callie vs. Marie in the Last Ever Event in Splatoon for Wii U on July 22

30th June, 2016 – July is set to be a banner month for fans of Splatoon for Wii U with events celebrating Nintendo’s unique shooter, including the final Splatfest and the launch of five new amiibo including the Squid Sisters themselves, Callie and Marie.

Splatfests are regular events where players vote on important debates, like whether they prefer cats or dogs, or whether pineapple on pizza is delicious or disgusting. Once players pick a side, they then form a team with like-minded players and battle the opposing side for supremacy. For the final face-off, Splatoon devotees have to make the ultimate decision and pick their favourite Squid Sister – Callie or Marie – then compete against other players from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. The battle runs from 7pm AEST on Friday July 22 until 7pm AEST on Sunday July 24, after which the global results will be tallied and the ultimate winner crowned soon after. It’s time to put it all on the line for Callie or Marie!

As players look back on previous Splatfests, the Miiverse community for Art Academy is now inviting fans to submit drawings on the theme “Splatfest memories” until Wednesday July 13, using software from the Art Academy series. 

Saturday July 9 is certainly a lucky day for Splatoon aficionados, with new amiibo also launching on that day in Australia and New Zealand. Callie and Marie will get their very own amiibo figures, available in a special double pack (SRP AU$34.95), alongside new colours for the Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid amiibo figures, available in a special triple pack in limited quantities (SRP AU$49.95). Tapping the Callie or Marie amiibo to the Wii U GamePad grants the player a personal concert in the Inkopolis Plaza, with a range of songs to choose from, including one exclusive solo song per amiibo.

Anyone yet to jump into the unique world of Splatoon can take advantage of an upcoming 25% discount on the software price in Nintendo eShop (sale price: AU$59.95/NZ$74.95) between July 8 and July 21 in Australia and New Zealand.

The final Splatfest and new Callie and Marie amiibo make July a bumper month for Splatoon, the unique shooter exclusively available on Wii U.

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Let's guess the NX's secret element

Time for me to call it a night, boys and girls. I have a birthday to celebrate tomorrow! Mom Brain is turning 34 and I have to make sure she enjoys her day! I think as long as I keep things unicorn themed, I'll be just fine. See you in a few, short hours!

Nintendo is known for keeping info very close to their chest. For as far back as I can remember, various Nintendo employees have said that Nintendo holds onto information on their games/hardware as long as possible in order to avoid other companies stealing their ideas. To tell you the truth, if you look back at Nintendo's history and the content other companies release, you can make an argument that Nintendo is smart to be worried. There have indeed been a good number of times where Nintendo has a hit game or piece of hardware, only to see other companies quickly jump on the bandwagon.

Now Miyamoto has come forth and continued the Nintendo tradition with the NX. Mr. Miyamoto claims that Nintendo held back from showing the NX at E3 due to an element of the hardware that they don't want revealed to competitors just yet. They want to keep that bit secret until the last moment in order to get a head-start on the competition. If the NX is indeed a success, you can bet that other companies will try to duplicate that success, much like what happened with the Wii.

That means we're stuck trying to figure out what this special secret of the NX is. For all we know, Miyamoto could be blowing things out of proportion. Maybe this feature is something we've seen implemented on other hardware before and Nintendo is just putting a unique spin on it. Then again, maybe there really is something extra special to the NX that'll woo consumers like the motion controls for Wii did.

Until Nintendo decides to finally share that information with the public, we get to speculate on just what that feature is. What do you think Nintendo is bringing to the NX that makes it worthy of keeping a secret for now? What element do you hope it's going to be? Leave a comment and let us know!