Swap Fire: Season 2 - first look at screens, art

Swap Fire is available on the Wii U right now, but Swap Fire: Season 2 is going to hit Switch down the road. A crowdsourcing initiative will be kicking off quite soon to fund the game.

GoNintendo Video Review - Ultra Street Fighter II

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- core gameplay still fun all these years later
- easier for fighting game novices to jump into
- spot-on controls
- overall enjoyable theme remixes


- Way of the Hado is borderline broken
- underutilized HD Rumble
- bonus content lacking
- basically the same game you've played for years now

Ultra Street Fighter II is a very tough game to review. The core game itself is as fantastic as it ever was, and even includes a few gameplay tweaks and updates. On the flip-side, almost all the bonus content included here is of poor quality or will be quickly forgotten. On top of that, by and large, this is the Street Fighter II you've been playing for many years now. If you're okay with that, then Ultra Street Fighter II should keep you quite happy. If you're expecting big things from bonus content and extras, this isn't the right package for you.

Be a Brand Ambassador for Nintendo of Canada

We are currently looking for brand ambassadors in the Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary areas to support our many activities throughout the summer. Your main responsibility is to share the Nintendo experience with many of our customers!

We are looking for energetic ambassadors who can represent our brand with enthusiasm and have good understanding of our products. You must be self-motivated, responsible and very comfortable interacting with kids and families.

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Battle Sports Mekuru launching overseas this Summer, devs won't say what game inspired their work

USgamer: What was the inspiration for Mekuru? How long has it been in development?

Senri Tsunokawa: There was one game that directly inspired us, but I'm not sure it's OK to mention its name... it was a game [title redacted by request] released overseas a while ago, and it was the big inspiration for us. As for the length of time it's been in development, we started in October 2017, so it's been about seven months.

USG: Do you have a target release date for the game?

ST: Right now the only thing we can say for an overseas release is "this summer."


Later on in the interview, we hear both Bomberman and Splatoon discussed openly, so those games aren't the inspiration. I would love to know what the game is! Anyone have any guesses?

SEGA looks back on how anything would sell on Wii regardless of quality, talk success of Mario & Sonic series

Coming from a GamesIndustry interview with former SEGA Europe COO, Jurgen Post...

"The Wii platform, ten years ago, was so successful and anything you launched on it was selling. Even with some lesser qualitative stuff, you were able to be successful. But that was all changing and you could only sell quality products. We had Mario & Sonic back in those days, and that game was selling so much that a number of other titles could afford to underperform. But when the sales of Mario & Sonic, and the Wii in general, began to slow down, it became very visible that we had to change."

Well there you go right there. "Lesser qualitative stuff" means shovelware, and the now former COO of SEGA Europe isn't afraid to come out and say that. He may say it in a more polite way, but we all know what he's saying.

Australia - Disgaea 5 Complete gets bumped back to June 2nd on Switch eShop

Disgaea 5 Complete had its physical release date pushed back to June 2nd in Australia, but the eShop version was set to launch earlier. Unfortunately, now the eShop version has also been bumped back to June 2nd as well. Remember Aussies, you can always hit up the other eShop regions and download the game right now!

Random Time! - Hugh Jackman comes across real-life Mario Kart

Seems like Hugh knows a thing or two about Mario Kart! If Nintendo ever decides to bring Mario Kart to the big screen, looks like they need to find a slot for Hugh!

ARMS - Global Testpunch to include access to 3 stages

Wondering where you'll be fighting in the ARMS Global Testpunch? The official Japanese Twitter account has revealed details, stating that three arenas will be open. You can look forward to battling in the Spring Stadium, DNA Lab and Ninja College.

Jakks Pacific nabs rights to create toys for the upcoming Mega Man cartoon

- deal between Jakks and the shows producers - DHX Brands and Dentsu Entertainment
- deal includes action figures, play-sets, costumes and plush dolls

"I grew up with Mega Man and am a big fan, so I’m thrilled for Jakks to team up with DHX Brands and Dentsu on the new animated series. Jakks will bring to life the characters of this terrific franchise through a wide range of toys and costumes for a new generation of kids." - COO Jack McGrath