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Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Oct. 22nd, 2016

- 1 new set of Pokémon badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Random Time! - Fake Switch goes up for sale with very strange auction listing

A Brazilian auction site just had a really strange item go up for auction...the Nintendo Switch. This auction claims to have a Switch for sale, but also says that the box includes an Iwata documentary and a Splatoon demo with a mode that features blood. Obviously this is 100% fake, but it's just such a strange listing that we wanted to point it out. You can have a look for yourself here. Thanks to Vinicius for the heads up.

Nintendo merch returning to Tesco stores

As we reported years ago, Nintendo's space allocation at Tesco retailers had all but disappeared. It seemed that the Big N moved out of Tesco and it's been that way for awhile. Now we see that the reverse is happening, as spotted in the picture above. This would indicate that Nintendo is repairing their relationship and moving back into Tesco locations. An extremely important step as we lead into the Switch launch.

Analyst calls Wii U a 'car crash', says Switch needs strong launch lineup to succeed

Coming from Paul Jackson of the Ovum consultancy...

"The Wii U was a car crash, basically. They fudged the communication and confused everybody with the controller and what the screen was for. As a result it sold about a tenth of what the original Wii sold."

While I may not have used the colorful language that Mr. Jackson did, there's no denying that he's correct. From a marketing standpoint, there was mass confusion on the Wii U before it even launched. It doesn't seem like that's the case with the Switch though.

Mr. Jackson also discussed what the Switch needs in order to find success.

"On the software side, they need the big Mario game, the Zelda game, the Metroid game - front and centre, exclusive to Switch and available at the same time as the console. In the past they've got that wrong - and if you have a lousy launch, suddenly you're in the wilderness for a few years."

Mass Effect: Andromeda producer says the game isn't coming to Switch

Here's one case where I can't really blame the devs. They didn't know about Switch specs early enough to warrant creation of a version for that platform. Now a release later in the system's life would certainly be nice, but it doesn't sound like it's on the cards.

Hex Heroes devs considering bringing the game to Switch

We’ve had this update ready to discuss Hex Heroes’ place on the NX (Now the Switch) for a while now, and while we will be guaranteeing Hex Heroes on Wii U, it’s fun to speculate about the future. It’s also one of the questions we get the most, so let’s dive in!

First off, Unity support is promised, which is critical. Only time will tell, however, how easy it is to port from Wii U hardware to Switch hardware. The work we do ironing out one feature for Wii U might not translate exactly to the Switch, and we won’t know for certain until we get our hands on it.

Second, based on the trailer, it doesn’t appear that one Switch can perfectly mimic the Wii U’s ability to display different visuals on the TV vs. the gamepad. Two Switches, on the other hand, could. One Switch for the commander, and one switch docked to the TV for four player split screen. This makes an assumption about the Switch being able to support up to four players, though - the trailer has only shown up to two (granted, they were on the portable screen, not the TV). At best, two Switches can offer the Wii U experience, and at worst, three Switches will be needed (for 5 players). Again, time will tell.

It’s worth noting that Hex Heroes is being built for ALL control schemes on the Wii U. We don’t want to bar players from joining in the fun just because they only have Wii remotes. This early decision will serve us well, if we can make the move to Switch, given that each mini-controller has roughly the same amount of buttons.

Full update here

Mario Party: Star Rush - pre-load live

If you're eager to get in on the Mario Party: Star Rush action, you can hop on the 3DS eShop and preload the game now. Remember, this means you'll download most of the game now, and then a little bit on launch night in order to play right away. The full game will take up 3,011 blocks of space.

Monster Hunter Generations gets 'Trick or Treat' item pack