Disneyland employees told not to play Pokemon GO

Disney takes their park operations very seriously, and they want to make sure all staff are paying 100% attention to their work and customers. That's why they've taken to posting up this custom poster behind-the-scenes to let employees know that Pokemon catching is for downtime only!

Pokemon GO heading to 5 new countries/regions

Coming from Niantic's blog...

Get ready to GO! Trainers in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macau, Macedonia, and Serbia can now download Pokémon GO from Google Play or iTunes!

Famicom Classic Edition - user interface video, Game Center CX promos

The Famicom Classic Edition is due out in Japan on Nov. 10th, 2016. You can see the games included via the boxart above. Thanks to T27Duck for the heads up!

Boss Fight Books: Mega Man 3 - now available

Capcom's Keiji Inafune followed the unexpected success of Mega Man 2 with a "kitchen sink" sequel that included eight new robot masters, a canine companion, a mysterious new frenemy, and a melancholy tone that runs through the game from its soft opening notes. Mega Man 3 was the biggest, messiest, and most ambitious Mega Man game yet.

But why do we hunger for twitchy, difficult platformers like Mega Man 3 decades later when the developers, the franchise, and the Blue Bomber himself have all moved on? Investigating the development of the Mega Man series alongside the rise of video game emulation, the YouTube retrogaming scene, and the soaring price of NES carts, novelist Salvatore Pane takes a close and compelling look at the lost power-ups of our youth that we collect in our attempts to become complete again.

Grab yours here

My Nintendo Europe - Nintendo Selects offers

Discounts on the latest Nintendo Selects games

- available until Oct. 16th
- includes all 4 new entries in the Nintendo Selects series
- 20% off in exchange for 30 Gold Points
- games should appear on the eShop at 11pm UK / midnight CEST on 29th/30th

Tesco yanks NX preorder page

Remember that Tesco listing the other day that showed a placeholder date/price for the NX? It seems like that page caused quite a stir. So much so that the listing has been completely removed. The release date of Dec. 31st just wasn't right at all, and the price point seemed to be pure speculation. I guess the page was doing more harm than good, which is probably why it was taken down.

Quest of Dungeons dev on including a 'proper ending' with the game

A portion of a 4cr interview with Upfall Studios...

4cr: Even though the game is a roguelike in nature with permadeath and procedurally generated dungeons, is there a proper “end” to your quest at some point?

US: Yes, that’s a thing that I wanted from the start of the development - the game has an end. When you finish you also unlock some extra modes and character, and you can play those or replay the original chapter, which is always different, so there’s replayability but with a proper end.

Full interview here

Super Mario 64 speedrunner successfully pulls of 'Moat Door Skip'

The Moat Door Skip has been a speed-run tactic that speed runners have been going after for years. As a matter of fact, the discussion has been roaring ever since 2007. It took all these years for someone to finally pull off the trick successfully and repeatably. This move eliminates nearly 40 seconds from a tool-assisted speedrun!