The Legend of Zelda manga series getting new entry this year

Well here's a bit of exciting news for manga fans. Akira Himekawa’s The Legend of Zelda manga series will be getting a new entry in 2015. We don't know any other details about the project, but the announcement alone is enough to get fans cheering. We'll be sure to update you with more info when it comes out.

Modders get GameCube games running on Nvidia’s Shield TV

While Nintendo is looking to the future with their hardware, modders are looking to the past. Work continues on GameCube emulation, and a major hurdle has been jumped. As you see above, modders got GameCube games running on the Nvidia Shield TV, which runs Android. Obviously we're not here to promote emulation by any means, but the technical aspects of pulling this off are pretty interesting.

Hyperkin releasing ProCube controller for Wii U

- works with all Pro controller games
- wireless without dongle
- the controllers pictured above are in the prototype stage
- will be at EVO 2015
- if the reaction is good, Hyperkin will move into production
- wired version will be considered
- player feedback at EVO 2015 will be considered
- looking at $30-$40 for price

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Best Price! Edition - boxart

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Best Price! Edition is due out on July 30th. You can grab the retail version for 3490 yen, and the download version for 3,231 yen.

3D Streets of Rage 2 coming to the NA 3DS eShop on July 16

3D Streets of Rage 2 will be coming to the west on the 16th of July. This was revealed through a Nintendo eShop listing, so we are pretty sure that this is set in stone. The game will set players back $5.99.

AVGN Adventures - 3DS review

This is part of a AVGN Adventures 3DS review from NintendoLife...

Both versions of AVGN Adventures are solidly constructed titles that fans of the brand and challenging platformers will likely love, but those small, loving touches on the 3DS version feel all that more attuned with the spirit of retro and the brand of the Nerd, giving it an edge if those things matter to you. Perhaps there's some nostalgic bias at play here, and those who prize sharper graphics and bigger screens aren't in the wrong at all. If you want to be taken back to the past as much as possible, though, this one delivers more.