Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for April 30th, 2017

[Event] The April wallpapers from the Choose your Legends event are now available: they feature Hector and Tharja

Cosen bringing three more Wii U games to Japan

Spheroids is a platform adventure game that sees you control Lucas, a jumpy Canadian boy whose aim is to save the world from the dangerous aliens: the Spheroids! Spheroids was developed by Eclipse Games and will release in Japan this Summer priced at ¥500.

Tachyon Project is a twin-stick shooter where you control Ada, a software program that has taken conscience and who must uncover the truth behind what happened to her creators. Again developed by Eclipse Games and scheduled for early Summer release.

Bit Dungeon+ is a two-player rogue-like dungeon crawler and sees you and your loved one captured by demons and trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years! Originally released by Dolores Entertainment , Bit Dungeon+ will also release on Nintendo 3DS this Summer.

Miitomo - official 1-year anniversary mosaic

Yes, believe it or not, it's been a fully year of Miitomo now! You can see the mosaic above that Nintendo created for the event. If you want to see the full-res image, click here!

Ninja Smasher returning to 3DS

Ninja Smasher disappeared from the eShop when previous publisher PUMO went under. We're happy to say that the title will now return to the eShop in Japan tomorrow, thanks to its new publisher, Flyhigh Works. The title will cost 400 yen.

ARMS - Twitter update for April 30th, 2017 (character sketches)

Koei Tecmo working on more Switch exclusives titles

The following comes from Koei Tecmo chairman Keiko Erikawa...

- Koei Tecmo's multiplatform engine has Switch embedded
- this means it can generate PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch titles automatically from a single source
- Erikawa is pleased with Switch's “anytime anywhere” concept and believes it will be successful
- Koei Tecmo is already working on Switch exclusive title(s) other than Fire Emblem Warriors
- the plan is to deliver Switch games one after another

Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan-made 2D demake gets takedown notice from Nintendo

I mean, we all knew it was going to happen. It's still sad to see that it did, but I don't think anyone would say they're surprised. I hope people had fun with it while it lasted!