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Disney Art Academy launching in EU on July 15th

May 24th, 2016 – Calling all budding artists and Disney fans! In Disney Art Academy, launching exclusively for Nintendo 3DS family systems on July 15th, you can use a wide variety of tools to learn to draw more than 80 Disney and Pixar characters in 2D. By setting your own pace through multiple easy-to-follow lessons, characters like Mickey Mouse, Nemo from Finding Nemo, Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Simba from The Lion King come to life on your Nintendo 3DS.

In Disney Art Academy, Disney and Pixar characters can be sketched or painted in many different ways. Using nine art tools like pastels, paintbrushes or markers, you can discover your inner artist by participating in lessons inspired by Disney art and animation. Each lesson guides you through a step-by-step progression to draw a single character. What starts as a series of lines and shapes will gradually evolve into a familiar character using your new art skills! If you ever want to take a break, lessons can easily be saved to continue from the same spot at a later time.

You can even add some extra flair with the magic brush, a new addition to the Art Academy series. With the magic brush, magical additions like stars, bubbles, and glitter can be added to your masterpieces – all easily accessed by using the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen.

As your art skills improve and you create more and more Disney and Pixar characters, you may very well want to share your creations with others. That can easily be accomplished directly in the game by connecting to the Internet and sharing through Miiverse or social media via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

Completed artwork is also saved to the Nintendo 3DS family system’s SD card, allowing you to upload your creations to a personal computer and print them out. Parents across Europe will be able to easily display their children’s art by printing their favourite drawings.

If you want to create outside the game’s numerous lessons you’re in luck, as Disney Art Academy includes a Free Paint mode that lets you draw even more characters any way you choose. In Free Paint, you can put your newly learned skills to the test by drawing on a blank canvas, or you can select from more than 80 Disney images to use as reference as you add to your virtual gallery. All completed artwork can be viewed at any time in the game’s Clubhouse, where you can also select your favourite pieces to be viewed in a personal showcase slideshow.

Learn to draw more than 80 Disney characters and show off your creations when Disney Art Academy launches on July 15th across Europe for Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Vans X Nintendo collaboration gets a second special box

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Looks like the NES-style box for the Vans X Nintendo collaboration isn't the only option out there. I wonder if you get a box at random, or if you'll be able to actually pick what box you want.

Japanese Pokemon fans vote on top 10 useless Pokemon starters

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The following comes from a Goo Ranking poll with nearly 1,400 voters...

10.) Tepig in Pokémon Black and White. (69 votes)
09.) Froakie in Pokémon X and Y. (75 votes)
08.) Treecko in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. (78 votes)
06.) Turtwig in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. (89 votes) [tied]
06.) Charmander in Pokémon Red and Blue. (89 votes) [tied]
05.) Chespin in Pokémon X and Y. (90 votes)
04.) Squirtle in Pokémon Red and Blue. (99 votes)
03.) Bulbasaur in Pokémon Red and Blue. (121 votes)
02.) Piplup in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. (137 votes)
01.) Chikorita in Pokémon Gold and Silver. (166 votes)

Walmart - Yo-kai Watch 2DS bundle for $80

Famicom Disk System's Kaettekita Mario Bros. gets fan translation

- Famicom Disk Writer exclusive game
- sponsored by food company Nagatanien
- cutscenes featuring one of company's dried food products
- "Game Over" in the "Nagatanien World Mode" and an all-new slot machine option shows up
- this lets you continue if you are able to match the faces of Mario
- get four lives if you manage to spell out "Nagatanien"
- slightly control the jump mid-air
- stages throw unexpected gameplay twists at you
- graphics have been slightly touched up

Shadow of the Eternals alive, Dyack says 'unethical journalists' almost killed the game

Yesterday we shared news of the Shadow of the Eternals trailer resurfacing on YouTube via a new upload from Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. Turns out none other than Denis Dyack is behind the company, and he's confirmed that the project is still going ahead.

According to Dyack, the game was almost killed off completely due to "unethical" games journalists, with Kotaku and Jim Sterling specifically named. Dyack says that they are both "bad" for the industry.

We don't know what platforms are the target for Shadow of the Eternals anymore, but let's hope that Dyack decides to bring things over to the NX.