Japan - 6 Wii U VC games available today

- Fire Fighting
- Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai
- City Connection
- Formation Z
- Jaseiken Necromancer
- Langrisser ~Hikari no Matsui~ from Extreme

Has-Been Heroes - debug menu randomly showing up for some users

Has Been Heroes Cheat engine

It seems there's some kind of issue with Has-Been Heroes on Switch. Some players are seeing the debug menu pop up for no reason. Sometimes this happen when players go to skip a cut-scene. Anyone else had this issue?

Best Buy - NES Classic Edition, Switch in-stock online tomorrow

Seems like it's going to be tough to get one, but best of luck to all those that try. Get ready with your F5 key!

The Girl and the Robot still heading to Wii U, Switch version under consideration

This is another one that's been a long time coming. Good to know it's still hitting Wii U, and equally great to know it could come to Switch! Thanks to PC for the heads up!