The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Pokemon Rumble World patch now available

- update to Version 1.1
- 846 blocks
- brings a new level called Lucky Balloon which takes you to where uncaught Pokemon are more likely to appear
- need at least Rank 33 to get it
- takes 20 hours to recharge
- special password has been released to receive 100 PokeDiamonds for Japan, 32831175
- PokeDiamond Digger in the town now gives 40 PokéDiamonds a day rather than the 20 previously obtained

Japan - Karaoke Joysound available for 3DS

- download for free
- 376 blocks
- uses the built-in 3DS microphone
- features 100,000 songs
- try for free but after it will cost ¥300 for a 1 day pass, ¥500 for a 7 day pass, ¥1,000 for a 30 day pass and ¥500 for a download pack of five songs

More screens here

Japan - This week's 3DS themes (Aug. 4th, 2015)


- Four Famicom themes (Ice Climber, Balloon Fighter, Bowser and Fire Mario)
- second Splatoon theme (¥200)
- CHiCO with HoneyWorks ‘Pride with revolution’ (¥200)
- SEKAI NO OWARI ‘Anti-hero’ (¥200)
- Kagerou Project ‘Blindfold Orchestra’ (¥200)
- Peanuts ‘Snoopy & Friends’ (¥200)
- Korokesu (¥100)
- two Stella Glow (¥200 each)
- three Tokaido Shinkasen N700 Series (¥200 each or ¥500 for all three)
- Doraemon X Hello Kitty (¥200)

Be the first to confirm this Super Mario 64 glitch, get $1,000

Recently, a video by twitch user DOTA_TeaBag was brought to my attention, in which he did an upwarp in Tick Tock Clock. I believe this is a new, unexplored glitch, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful at recreating it myself. Thus, I'm putting a bounty of $1000 on the glitch. In other words, the first person to recreate the glitch and send it to me will earn $1000 from me.

The submission should be a .m64 and .st file, which when played perform the glitch. To submit, you can zip up these files, upload to, and then send me the link in a comment or private message. The bounty will hold until the first person successfully submits a recreation of the glitch, at which point I will add the word [CLAIMED] to the end of this video's title, and then no one else will be eligible for the prize.

Dinger the Dog was almost part of Banjo-Kazooie

More details on how hard creating Smash Bros. is on Sakurai

Coming from Nintendo's Chris Pranger...

Sakurai's outlook on the games is very dire. He gets really sad when he finds out how people are reacting and he gets sad whenever there's a leak, because he really wants to create. And he's an auteur in the most crazy sense. He's basically Vincent Van Gogh cutting off his own ear and we're sitting there going "Frick! Stop doing that!" And he's like "You don't get it, guys, my vision!"