Nintendo Badge Arcade (EU) - Kirby badges added

More Smash Bros. Wii U maintenance coming this Sunday/Monday

Services impacted
Wii U: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (online play, leaderboards)

Europe: October 3rd (3AM to 5AM)
UK: October 3rd (2AM to 4AM)
North America (EST): October 2nd (9PM to 11PM)
North America (PST): October 2nd (6PM to 8PM)
Japan: October 3rd (10AM to 12PM)

Puzzle & Dragons X - online multiplayer coming this winter

Puzzle & Dragons X will be getting a software update this winter. It will add an online multiplayer function, where players can duke it out against one another. The details on all of this are still sparse at the moment, but don't expect that you can play the Single-Player co-op this way. That aspect is likely going to stay local only.

FAST Racing NEO - full soundtrack up for purchase, pay what you want

The soundtrack for FAST Racing Neo can now be purchased. It features 80 minutes of crisp listening goodness for your eardrums. The minimum price is $5, but you are free to support the developer even more if you so desire.

The files come in both MP3 and FLAC formats and the soundtrack is DRM free on top of that. If you are undecided, you can listen to 30 second previews to get yourself pumped!

Purchase it right here

Rain Games about bringing World to the West to the NX, focused on Q1 2017 release

This comes from a Miketendo64 interview with Rain Games' Ole Ivar Rudi...

M64: Since World to the West will be coming to the Wii U, and the NX is set to release next year, are there any plans to release it on the NX as well?

Ole: Hehe, gotta keep answers straight here. As we mentioned earlier it’s very unlikely to come out on 3DS, but it *will *show up on additional platforms. Maybe even another Nintendo platform, but our lips are sealed though.

M64: Since you have a working, playable demo, will you be releasing it any time soon, or even a small version one, so a few more of us around the planet can get the chance to play it ahead of release?

Ole: The demo we have is really tailored for the demo floor. We can jump back and forth in the game for demonstration purposes, and there are still several issues with it.  It’s not really a representative of the finished game, so we wouldn’t put it on the eShop without tailoring it for home use. We will focus on getting the full game itself ready instead as we are aiming for a Q1 2017 release, so it won’t be too long before you all get to play it, but as I’m sure you’re aware by now, game developers tend to be frightfully optimistic about these things!

More here

Famicom Classic Edition - full list of games

Donkey Kong
Mario Bros.
Excite Bike
Balloon Fight
Ice Climber
Yie Ar Kung-Fu
Super Mario Bros.
The Legend of Zelda
Atlantis no Nazo
Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
Solomon’s Key
Zelda II: Adventure of Link
Tsuppari Ouzumo
Super Mario Bros. 3
Ninja Gaiden
Mega Man 2
River City Ransom
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Super C
Final Fantasy III
Doctor Mario
Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku Sore Yuke Dai Undoukai
Mario Open Golf
Super Mario Bros. 2 / USA
Kirby’s Adventure