G.G Series: Wonderland slated for release next week

Will you venture down the rabbit hole?

A vibrant and unique vertically-scrolling shooting game. Set inside the fantastical world of magic, lore and mischief, slip gracefully through what seems to be an impassable curtain of fire from Wonderland-themed enemies. Hitting enemies with your fire will cause your Bomb Gauge to increase. Once your gauge is maxed out, use your fully charged Bomb to obliterate all enemy fire on-screen. At the end of each stage, a powerful boss will be lying in wait. Will you make your way down the rabbit hole?

Hub page here

Pokemon Shuffle - Spiritbomb daily stage now live

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden - new details, more footage

- lower screen has the characters you select
- touch a character frame to switch between characters
- Z-Assist characters have their own frames
- touch them to bring them in for support
- each character has their own level of “Dragon Power”
- teams must be assembled within a limited amount of said Dragon Power cost
- teams are limited to five characters, including Z-Assists
- possible to form a team of three playable characters, or a team of one playable and four Z-Assist characters
- go from land to air combat during battle
- pull off fast and exhilarating combo attacks, including both “Ultimate” and “Final Ultimate” combos

Skate park gets a Splatoon makeover

Adrenaline Alley (CORBY) Have given their bowl a custom paint job... Can't wait to get a chance to ride this.

Posted by Ride UK BMX on Wednesday, May 20, 2015