Analyst on how much Nvidia stands to make from Switch, expects 5-8 million shipped year one

Coming from Jefferies & Co.’s Mark Lipacis...

“We estimate this to be a $200-$320m annual opportunity for NVDA near term. While the incremental dollars would likely be margin dilutive, we view upside potential to our sales and EPS estimates of $0.11-0.16 in 2017.

While Nintendo has been largely uncompetitive against the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, we think the Switch has the potential to see more shipments. There are very few details on the price point, but we think the Wii and Wii U case studies are instructive. In the first 12 months of launch, Wii shipped 13m units and the Wii U shipped 4m units. Assuming 5-8 million units at a $40 ASP for Tegra translates to $200-320m in revenues and $0.11-0.16 in EPS."

Sonic X - Season 3 DVD due out this December

Sonic X Season 3 contains all 26 episodes of the second series.

Six months after returning from the parallel world, Sonic faces off against a mysterious metal warrior, eager to steal the Chaos Emeralds from him. Even in his golden Super form, Sonic proves no match, and has to use Chaos Control to send the Chaos Emeralds away. And that's only the start of his troubles!

More machines show up, making off with the "planet egg" from Sonic's world, the source of all its life energies. Without the planet egg, Sonic's home will perish, and there's no way he'll let that happen! Taking to space aboard Tails' newest invention, the gang heads out to fight this steely foe. But their new friend from another world, Cosmo, is worried. Even if Sonic is the last hope to defeat the Metarex, can he really do it?

Preorder here (Thanks Lars!)

Fan-Art: Switch 'dog controller' meme gets turned into real-life plush

Check out more pics here

The speed at which people work is incredible. This plush looks top-notch! I would love to know what Nintendo thinks about this!

Games expert says Nintendo 'clinched it' with Switch, analyst predicts price/first year sales

Coming from Dan Maher, gaming expert and presenter...

"When Xbox or Sony announce new consoles, what you're expecting is more of the same - but more powerful," Dan Maher, gaming expert and presenter. Nintendo tend to deal with the technology and the hardware itself, what they can do to innovate and make gaming more accessible and more lifestyle friendly.

"They needed to come out with something that was easily sellable that people could understand in an instant. They are unifying their two strands, they've been a very strong handheld player and a moderately successful console player in recent years, so to bring those two together it's a bit of an all or nothing gamble really. I think they've pretty much clinched it.

"Traditionally third party support for Nintendo devices has been quite poor and people buy purely because of Nintendo's own games. Because of this fusion between the home and the handheld hardware they're really regrouping a lot of those people who drifted off. All the major players are coming back and I think we're going to see some big titles coming out for the Switch."

Coming from Macquarie Securities analyst David Gibson...

- estimates Switch will cost $250
- estimates Nintendo will sell 2.5 million units in its first month and an additional 10.6 million units by March 2018

EB Games Australia - Final round of NES Classic Edition preorders coming Wednesday

EMiO releasing 'The Edge' Gamepad & Joystick for NES Classic Edition

Oh man, I used to have the NES Advantage back in the day. My uncle got it for me for a birthday and I'll never forget it. Looks like I can relive those memories with the EMiO's 'The Edge' Joystick. For those looking for a more classic approach, you can go with their 'The Edge' Gamepad as well.

Grab The Edge Joystick here and The Edge Gamepad here