Best Buy - Dark Pit amiibo in-store only, no preorders

Capcom blog - Udon SDCC Exclusives Available for PreOrder

Hey Capcom fighting game lovers, I have some exciting news regarding Udon’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. This year Udon is pulling out all the stops with three limited edition hardcover offerings: Street Fighter V – The Life and Death of Charlie Nash, Capcom Fighting Tribute (Convention Exclusive) and last but not least Street Fighter 25 – Akiman Hardcover Edition.

It doesn’t end there however, as Akiman will make an extremely rare appearance at the Udon booth on Saturday July 11th to sign purchased Street Fighter 25 - Akiman books, a definite once in a lifetime experience.

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Nintendo explains why they don't release games in the Summer

Coming from an NWR interview with Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo's Senior Director of Corporate Communications...

"We do the bulk of our business in the holiday season, probably about 60% in October, November, and December. You want to launch games when people are in the mood to buy."

Inafune attending Anime Expo, has special announcement that may interest Mega Man fans

As a Mega Man fan, I don't think I can take anymore teasing. I want a new Mega Man game, damnit! Mighty No. 9 will surely do the trick, but it can never take the place of Mega Man. Is there any hope for the franchise on the horizon? Our latest chance comes from Keiji Inafune, who will be appearing at the upcoming Anime Expo 2015. Apparently Inafune has a special announcement that may interest Mega Man fans, but it's not directly related to Mega Man. Just what on earth does that mean?!