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The Hardest Songs in Guitar Hero Live, as Named by Freestyle Games

Megadeth – Hangar 18

Aaron Grimes, Midi Designer

“This song is hard because of the rhythms in the solos. Marty Friedman is a precise player and moves around the neck a lot so this is represented in the markup. The way to get through it by keeping your eye out for the strummed notes before HOPOS then let your fingering hand do the rest!”

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Lumo might be coming to Wii U

Coming from a Eurogamer feature...

Oh, and one thing I don't mention in this video is that Lumo is aiming for release not only on PC and Mac, but also the PS4, Xbox One, Vita and possibly even Wii U.

Gnomes Vs. Fairies officially approved for Wii U release

Coming from developer Dano Black...

I just got a phone call from Nintendo and my one-man indie game Gnomes vs. Fairies is going to be released on the Wii-U! My game was officially approved! I'm so stoked and excited but I have a whole lot more to do now than I did before!!

We've already shared info on this game, including the Kickstarter launch. Now we know that the title has gotten Nintendo's blessing. That's an important step taken care of! Now the other important step is getting funding. The title has 10 days left to pull in the remaining $22k it needs.