GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 619 records LIVE...soon!

It's another Friday show, due to a busy weekend ahead. Nicky Hill is doing his best to get here as quickly as possible. We'll start the podcast as soon as he shows up!

YIIK devs on the game's silly weapons, and a main character who's kind of an asshole

Coming from a GamesBeat interview with Andrew Allanson, co-creator of YIIK, and Brian Kwek, founder of Ysbryd...

AA: “In fantasy, it feels normal for a guy to have a sword, but if it was set in 2017 what’re your options? A gun? A knife? None of that really lends itself to telling stories that are usually appropriate for RPGs. So, if you go for more silly weapons like vinyls, baseball bats, yo-yos, you’re bound to get a quirky game.

It was difficult balancing story and gameplay sections. Getting them to feel fluid. We wanted there to be a nice balance of puzzles, exploration, conversation, and battles. We spent a lot of time taking things out, adding them back in, etc.”

BW: Alex, the main character, is actually kind of an asshole, at least you’ll see that in the beginning. The journey that Alex takes is one that — I think I’d like to believe — in real life people really go through that introspective stuff.”

Buy Sonic's shoes in slip-on form for his 26th birthday

- a collaboration between SEGA and Japan’s Anippon shoe brand
- come with Sonic's name printed on the heel,
- 7,020 yen with shipping, or about $63
- men’s sizes 6 through 10.5

Japan - Switch hits 1 million units sold

Nintendo has officially sold 1 million Switch units in Japan! It took the company 16 weeks to hit the goal. No doubt, the figure could have been reached faster if there was more stock to go around! Here's now the figure stacks up against Wii U and Wii in their first 16 weeks.

- Wii: 1.85 million units
- Wii U: 820 000 units

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 - Special Character Book cover, details

- comes with the first print copies of Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2
- 240 pages of artwork for the various Etrian Odyssey games
- cover was drawn by Yuji Himukai

The Alliance Alive - live-stream recording, more merch

The Alliance Alive is also getting all sorts of merch to celebrate the game's launch. You can check out the goodies above and even more at this link!

Japan - Cho Tousouchuu Atsumare Saikyou no Tousousya Tachi getting budget re-release

Bandai Namco has announced that Cho Tousouchuu Atsumare Saikyou no Tousousya Tachi is getting a budget re-release. The title will be sold for ¥3,024 under its new "Welcome Price!!' edition.


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