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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Super Mario Maker review goes live at 10 AM ET!

You read that right, my friends. Our Super Mario Maker review is going live in just a few hours! I've been dying to tell you more about the game and share my full thoughts on it. I've just wrapped up my review now and you'll be able to read all the juicy details at 10 AM ET!

If you're worried about spoilers like costumes and other goodies, no worries. You're not going to get any of that content in my review. My feature focuses on my time spent with the title, what it's like creating levels and how the entire game really changed my appreciate of game development. I am actually really excited for you guys to read about my experience. More than that, I can't wait for you guys to create your own content!

If you have the time, we'd love to have you check back here at 10 AM ET and see what we thought of the title. I'm just warning you now though. Reading the review is going to make the wait for the launch date that much harder!

Japan - This week's 3DS themes (Sept. 2nd, 2015)

The Great Ace Attorney (x4) – 200 yen each
Silent Siren – 200 yen
Doraemon (x3) – 150 yen each
BlazBlue – 100 yen each
My Melody x Suzy Zoo – 200 yen

Ace Attorney 6 - devs discuss theme, concept and returning features

A portion of a Famitsu interview with Ace Attorney 6 devs...

F: What’s the theme and concept of Ace Attorney 6?

Takeshi Yamazaki, director: “Throughout the series, Phoenix Wright is in a place that lacks enemies. Because of that, we’re paying more attention to the world this time.”

Eshiro Motohide, producer: “It’s tough to develop within the Japanese courtroom, since an exhilarating part of the game is how situations can change from from desperate to complete turnabouts. The theme is ‘courtroom revolution.’ Phoenix Wright changing the system of the court is a major theme.”

F: Will the beginner system from Ace Attorney 5 return?

Motohide: “The backlog, amount of save data, and such are things with good reputation, so they’ll return. As for the hint system, I want players to be able to turn it off at any time.”

Ace Attorney 6's development is currently 30% complete and there is no official release date at this time.

Famitsu - review scores (Sept. 2nd, 2015)

Chronus Arc (3DS) – 7/7/8/7 [29/40]
Deai Dama (3DS) – 6/6/7/6 [25/40]
Monokage Quest (3DS) – 8/6/8/7 [29/40]
Shippuu no Usagi-Maru: Nazo no Karakuri Shiro (3DS) – 7/8/6/7 [28/40]
Tatakae Buta-san (3DS) – 7/6/7/7 [27/40]
Super Mario Maker (Wii U) – 9/9/9/10 [37/40]

Azure Striker Gunvolt - more details on Japanese voice mode

* The entire script of the game has been re-translated to fit with the original Japanese voices. This means that the script is how it would be in the Japanese version, but translated into English. Japanese references to things like takoyaki and tokusatsu shows, just to name a few, are kept as-is.

* All of the dialogue from the Japanese version is intact in this mode, from the mid-stage conversations to all of your chats with Joule.

* Despite the fact that the presence of mid-stage conversations with English text are one of the main reasons for having this mode, you can still disable/enable these at any time with the push of a button.

* To play the game in Japanese Voice Mode, select it from the Language Settings menu before starting the game.

Now, we know many folks who have the 3DS version of Azure Striker Gunvolt have been asking about if it would be possible to add this mode to the 3DS version via an update. At the time of the announcement of the Steam version on 8/21, we believed that it would not be possible, and conveyed that message to fans. As per our announcement at our PAX Prime panel, we are happy to say that this is no longer the case.

Our dev team put their heads together and tried to find a way to make this happen, and they did! What that means is that adding this mode will not be as simple as tossing the data up and calling it a day, and thus it will take some time. We do not have an official date for the 3DS update yet, but rest assured, it’s coming, and we will make the proper announcements when we have a set date!

Giant Bomb plays Mario Party 5 at PAX Prime

Thanks to Shannyboi for the heads up!

Twisted Fusion Kickstarter update - apps and GamePad customization

Twisted Fusion

It’s no secret that Twisted Fusion lets you use your Wii U GamePad for some cool gameplay features. Today I would like to go over most of the Apps you can launch and play with in real-time as you also explore the world of Evan.

The clock is a simple App, but not one to overlook! Of course it can tell you the in-game time, in fact you can see the time without even launching it by glancing at the Apps icon. However if you do launch it you get two unique options.

The first allows you to pause the current time. This can be handy if you are on a quest to hunt a specific monster that only comes out at a particular time of day.

The second handy thing you can do is skip time. Yes with a tap of a button you can fast forward time, from day to night in hour increments, there’s no limit here and it’s available from the start. The freedom is yours!

Next is the Weather App. Before you launch it you can see the current weather as its icon. When you enter the App you can see the current weather, weather coming in soon and weather for later.

In the GPS app you can see icons for ever location you have visited. Markers are created automatically when you run past a goddess statue. To fast travel to a location, simply tap its icon and then tap travel. Simple.

The loot store has lots to offer from new abilities, upgrading stats and new skills. Makes sure you have enough cash and enjoy a well earnt shopping trip!

My Monsters is the latest and greatest edition. Store up to 25 monsters, evolve them, fuse them and battle them! The rewards earn here can be used to customize yours GamePad!

The Difficulty Slider App has a simple premise but is a core part of the game. Slide the difficulty bar up and enemies not only get tougher but smarter too. They can even learn new moves. Taking out enemies at higher difficulties will earn you more money, materials, exp for your monsters and chances of dropping eggs, it all connects. You can change the difficulty whenever, when fighting foes, boss fight or questing. Play how you want to.

You can even customize your GamePad. Fancy a change of color? How about a new background? Or change the transparency of your App icons? You can unlock more options by battling monsters, here’s a few examples of how you can setup your GamePad!

Thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Capcom France rep says The Great Ace Atttorney isn't getting localized

This could be one of those instances where a rep is speaking a bit out of turn, but it's certainly enough to make fans worry. If you were looking forward to The Great Ace Attorney releasing outside of Japan, you might want to sit down for this news. According to a Capcom France rep, the game isn't going to get localized. With the announcement earlier today that Ace Attorney 6 is coming to America, it's not too surprising to see The Great Ace Attorney left behind.

Shutshimi: Seriously Swole - gameplay details

- side-scrolling shoot-'em-up
- references many classic games in the genre
- supports up to four players
-, each level is broken up into smaller bit-sized gamplay sessions
- at the end of each ten-second micro-level, players are presented with a choice of new power-ups
- abilities include spread shots and one that changes the background to floating animated butts
- read super elaborate text descriptions for the power-ups in just a few seconds to find the right power-up for you
- in most cases, it'll be mostly useless information and won't actually explain what will happen
- over 30+ items to choose from