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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

My Score:


A great re-imagining of a classic that pleases fans and newbies

As one of the greatest games of all time, Ocarina of Time is definitely worth of this 3D remake. Not exactly a sequel to the original, OoT 3D is more of an update, with all new features, as well as keeping the original's charm.

The plot in Ocarina of Time is pretty simple. You play as Link, a young boy from the Kokiri Forest, who gets tangled up in a plot to save Hyrule and rescue Princess Zelda. To do this, he'll venture through various dungeons, and even travel back and forth through time. It's these plot mechanics that made the original so compelling, and they're all here in the new one. The plot is engrossing, and still remains a classic today. Like I said, you'll do a lot of dungeon exploration in Ocarina of Time, and there are plenty to keep you occupied as you continue through the story. All of them have their own themes, whether your in the forest or a fish's belly. The dungeons are challenging, but not to the point of frustration. Luckily, you have Sheikah Stones at your hand, which let you view hint movies that will give you clues on how to progress, or to beat a boss for instance. They're similar to the Super Guide, and they're completely optional, so veterans won't feel obliged to use them.

A lot of series staples, such as lock-on targeting and Epona, are also here, so it's the full Zelda experience. Of course, it wouldn't be Zelda without items, and there are loads here, which can be accessed from the push of a button or a tap on the touch screen. You can store up to 4 items at once in these slots, making for easy access when they're needed, especially with the Iron Boots. There's even a spot for your Ocarina, so you won't have to fiddle through your inventory for one item. The control pad is put to great use, and you now have even more control over Link than you previously had. The 3DS's gyroscope is also put to great use, and you'll move it around to aim Link's slingshot, bow and arrow, and more. It's optional, and it does lose the 3D effect if you move it around too much, so I just stuck with the traditional controls. And, everyone's favorite is back: Navi. And she's annoying as ever, and she even reminds you to take a break from playing every 20 minutes.

The whole world of Hyrule comes alive with the 3D effect, and mountains and buildings that were once flat blocks are now vibrant and colorful. All the original locales are back, and no locations have been altered, so it'll be very familiar to oldtime fans. Castle Town in particular is very impressive, and the 3D is the most impressive that I've seen it yet. I recommend playing with the 3D on full-blast, as it adds depth that was virtually unseen in the original classic. Characters also come to life, too, and Link and Zelda look remarkable in 3D, especially in their famous castle scene. The graphics aren't perfect, but it's understandable, and you still may see blocky pixels up close, or some walls and buildings that don't really make sense within the environment, but other than that, the graphics are amazing.

The soundtrack has not been altered, either (thank god!), and one of the most impressive game soundtracks ever is here, and all your favorite tunes return. From Hyrule Field to Kakariko Village, your ears will be in for a treat. The sound effects have also remained the same. Link's grunts and jumps are similar, and Navi is just as annoying. Of course, why would you buy a 3D version of an identical classic if nothing was new? For me, it's enough, but Nintendo's added a lot of extras to the game, which only increase the replay value. First, there's a boss battle mode that can be accessed from Link's house, which lets you race against the clock to set records fighting all the bosses in the game. It's a fun diversion, and it's addicting to beat your best times. But the best addition of all, is the Master Quest. Once you beat the main story, the Master Quest is unlocked, which is a reversed edition of the game, with harder enemies and such. Even the dungeons have been completely re-designed. Although very difficult, the Master Quest is a fun extra quest that is very rewarding.

The classic. Ocarina of Time is back, with all the original's features, plus all new additions. It's the best 3DS game out right now, and any 3DS owner should have this one in their library.


I cant disagree, wonderful review.

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