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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

My Score:


The greatest game ever returns

Do i really need to say anything about this game? Ocarina of time by far one of the best games ever made and in many opinions like mine, the best. Ocarina of Time is utterly perfect on next to every single level and the 3d remake just makes everything even better. The new controls and item screen removing the constant dread of the Water temple, the 3d and graphics bringing a whole new sense and wonder to the game. A great move by Nintendo releasing it now, many years after the birth of the N64. This game is what truly defined every other 3d game after it, without this game i have no idea where we would be now.

Ocarina of time 3ds is the sole reason why you should by a 3ds and you will never regret it, with not only the original game but also the master quest and an added boss battle mode allowing for many more challenges and lots of hours of game play. This is the 15th time i have played the game and i'm sure wont be the last. It truly deserves more acclaim than it gets and deserves more that what i can give it

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