Vector Assault, Shapes of Gray - file sizes

Vector Assault requires

- 176 MB download, 148 MB once installed

Shapes of Gray

- 137.5 MB download, 120 MB once installed.

My Parents Play: Punch-Out!! on Wii

I didn't get to post this feature until VERY early this morning. Wasn't done processing until 6 in the morning, so it hardly had any time on the front page. I wanted to change that by sharing it again now! Have a look at my Mom and Dad trying to make a name for themselves in the boxing world!

Archie says Sonic and Mega Man: Worlds Collide sales were 'huge', no plans for standalone Mega Man X comic

A portion of a Dtoid interview with Archie's Ian Flynn..

D: Speaking of "Worlds Collide," how would you rate the sales of those issues in comparison to the regular Mega Man line?

I: They were huge. People really responded well to “Worlds Collide.” Hopefully folks will be just as enthused for “Worlds Unite.”

D: Finally, I asked this years back, but I'll ask it again! What are the chances of getting a standalone Mega Man X comic series?

I: Unfortunately, a Mega Man X series is just not in the cards right now.