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Nintendo on considering 3rd party amiibo, Miyamoto shot down one Shovel Knight amiibo idea

A portion of a Game Informer interview with Nintendo's Damon Baker and Sean Velasco of Yacht Club Games...

SV: “We went over the entire range of possibilities of what we could do and what was going too far, what wasn’t going far enough, what does the Amiibo do, how does it work together. It was definitely a process. I heard that Mr. Miyamoto read one of my pitch documents and said, ‘No’ and that’s like the greatest honor of my life.”

DB: “We don’t want it to be exploitative. We don’t want to just throw stuff out there in order to just sell it. I think that we’re very much looking at how does this improve or increase the gameplay experience and how does that story make sense in the grand scheme of things. So that’s what we’re going to always evaluate. It’s the reason why we collaborated with Activision with Skylanders; because it made sense for their franchise and there was a cross-promotional message with Amiibo in there in terms of the technology as well. It just made a ton of sense. We’ll continue to look at third-party opportunities with Amiibo and evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.”

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX - simple and advanced dance creation detailed

- make your own dances in the Dance Studio
- all of the songs you’ve unlocked appear there
- unlock the additional vocal options for songs before they’ll appear as well
- each song has specific p. video and finish moves for it
- creation options include Simple and Advanced
- Simple option lets you press up, left, right, and down on the directional pad, with the directions respectively corresponding to active, cute, kool, and p. video dance moves
- the X button adds a finishing move, and the Y puts a basic move in
- pressing the buttons assigned to moves will add a random move from that category in place in the dance
- pressing it again will change to a different random move
- press the A button to repeat or the B button will cancel it
- add in moves while the song plays in the background
- with the Advanced option, all of the possible dance moves are assigned to specific categories on the touch screen
- trading cards appear for each one and the Y button offers a preview of the move
- the song isn’t immediately playing, but you can place dance moves in all blocks by tapping the left and right shoulder
- B button brings up a menu that lets you rehearse from certain points or the start of the song
- in both modes, you can only have one Vocaloid dancing in a custom routine
- save up to five dances you’ve created and up to five from people you’ve StreetPassed or SpotPassed
- only one dance you’ve created can be shared on your Profile Card with people you meet over StreetPass or SpotPass
- if you’re watching a dance either you or someone else created, you’ll see the active Vocaloid performing it, and be able to take pictures of the performance and choose from five camera angles or an “auto” camera option

Mega Man Tribute artbook - new cover revealed

As we've already shared, the Mega Man Tribute artbook is getting a reprint. We also said it's getting a new cover, but now we have a first look at that artwork above. I am diggin' that composition quite a bit!

Fan-Art: Ridley amiibo

8-4 reconfirms their involvement with Xenoblade Chronicles X localization

North America - Funky Physics hitting Wii U next week