The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails - new trailer, due out next month

This title has been a long time coming, but it looks like a release is right around the corner. Big John Games has confirmed that the title is due out early next month in North America and will carry a $8 price tag.

EU - Project X Zone 2 getting same preorder bonuses as North America

Same preorder bonuses that the states are getting, but with a different release date. Nice to see some consistency with releases!

GameStop - Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam papercraft preorder bonus

Pre-order Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam and receive the GameStop Exclusive Paper Craft Characters!

*While Supplies Last. Not valid on Pre-owned or Digital

Online Customers: Item will ship with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be available at time of purchase.

Vblank could bring Hawaii Shakedown to NX

Coming from Vblank's Brian Proviciano...

I'm currently targeting 3DS, but other Nintendo platforms are possible. I'm leaving the final decision until closer to launch since I'm not sure when the NX will come out. As the game is closer to completion and more is known about the NX, I'll be able to better make the decision.

North America - Splatoon 'Burgers Vs. Pizza' Splatfest kicks off Dec. 4th

Now that the turkey and stuffing are out of the way, it's time to settle one of the most heated (and occasionally re-heated) debates of our time:

Do you prefer Burgers or Pizza?

Place your order at the pledge board in Inkopolis, and then hit the splattlefield starting 12/4 at 9pm PT. You'll have 24 hours to earn Super Sea Snails and secure victory for your team!