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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

My Score:


Punishing fun

Kingdom hearts is usually that kind of fun. While it has things to set itself apart from other RPGs, it somewhat backfires like KH2 being too easy, 358/2 days being tedious, BBS being tedious. One may wonder: Does it do it on purpose?


1) Best battle system to date: While many kingdom hearts games suffer from having hallow locations, the thing about this game is that you take advantage of a system called "flow motion". With it, you can preform escapes and devastating moves.
- To execute said technique, you must double tap the Y button on a solid wall on air or ground.
*You can use the jump button while in flow motion mode to jump high feats and/or use a "shortcut attack".
2) Uses of 3Ds features: From the camera to the touchscreen, it usually finds itself to innovate itself from getting stale.
3) Great presentation: While it suffers from some framerate issues like it did in BBS, the visual, sound, and 3D is great. Sure it looks PS2, but given the vast detail in the areas, it's hardly an issue.
4) Best use of companions: Taking lessons from nintendogs, dream eaters are like pets... Battle pets... Using a separate menu "spirit", you can raise and customize them to your liking. That's not all however.
- in battle, the AI is fairly competent, so it won't be too much of a trouble if they die.
- by using the touch screen or LR +(X,A, or B depending on what formation your dream eater is on). You can use a different version of BBS' devastating gauge attacks. By using them together, they will create a devastating attack. Experimentation never gets boring.
(techniques between sora and riku differ)
5) Disney charm: Kingdom hearts always have that certain soft spot when it comes to interaction with the Disney universe. It's fun to see riku and sora meet different people across the disney universe.
6) Easy controls: similar to BBS, but with a few tweeks in the camera.
- A: attack B: jump Y: guard Y while running: dodge X: command attack/spell touchscreen: special commands, link commands, quest blog, map, dream eater options L R: move camera L+R: lock on d-pad: shift command/spells

Remember when I said that Kingdom Heart's inovation can slo lead to its own flaws?


1) The drop system: When this feature was announced, I thought it would be a system in which you switch characters in battle for a limited time... I was wrong.
- the first mistake it does is that the more you spend time with either sora or riku, the more it goes to black. And in this game, black is an ugly color.
- the biggest problem with the system however, is when you switch out characters in a battle, it not only sends back where you left off, but it can also RESET a battle. This is a major problem with bosses.
What makes at least somewhat tolerable is the fact that they both share items and dream eaters and the Drop me not item. It's tedious, but it'll give you time.

2) Extremely useless plot points: Reviewers often say that the story is convoluted. However, they forgot to state WHY.
- the use of flashbacks is a MESS. We get a flashbacks that won't matter because it already happened. Example: Tron world.
- you get a biography of a game in the series... I'm not kidding. Goes to show how much time spent on Final Fantasy that they forgot to tell the story properly. Good luck reading BBS' story.
- most scenes serve their purpose. Others however, do nothing but waste your time. By this I mean some scenes could've been used for later, but decided to do it way too early and does nothing but make cutscenes longer and that's not a good thing. Don't get it? An example is the revelation of nobodies turning back into humans. You may think this is late in the game, but this is actually EARLY. This should've been used later because you have not reached the point where this is even relevant yet.

Verdict: is this game the best in the series? Maybe not. Is it tolerable? Perhaps. Can it be fun? Yes. Deep down there is a very innovative RPG in the game. And if you can get past the annoyances, I think you'll have fun with it


yes lots of fun

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