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Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

My Score:


Awakening of a adventure

Fire Emblem awakening was released in Japan almost a year ago, and many thought it wouldn't arrive here after "New Mystery of the emblem" Didn't get localized. Well, now it's finally here, and was it worth the wait?


The Story

The story in this game is not quite as detailed as Sacred stones or Blazing sword, but it still has a lot of story. The prince of the kingdom, Chrom, his sister Lissa, and his friend Fredrick find you stranded in the middle of a open field, and you end up traveling with Chrom and his group as you travel the kingdom, defeating a strange group known as the Risen, followers of the dark dragon, Grima.

Yes, YOU get to star in the game! Right before the game starts, you make an avatar that can be customized in many ways, including weak traits and strong traits. Once the game starts and a prologue happens (Which I won't spoil as it has a pretty big moment), the main game begins.


The gameplay in this game is the same as it always has been, except for some welcome changes. First off, you can choose Casual mode, a mode where the perma-death feature is shut off and allows you to save turn by turn, intended to help newcomers. This is a great addition as it doesn't take away the challenge, for if Chrom or yourself were to die, you still get a game over and have to resume your save.

You can also choose Classic mode, a mode where the regular features of the series are used. Permanent death is still present, so you have to make every single move worth it.

As for the main gameplay, it's a strategy RPG where your units are on a map, and you have to do either one of two things to clear the stage; Rout the enemy or defeat their commander. You have many different weapons to use to accomplish these tasks, and the weapon triangle is back, where axes beat lances, lances beat swords, and swords beat axes. Surprisingly the magic trinity from Sacred stones is gone, as I saw no major difference when attempting to use flux on a tomecaster using Thoron compared to a assassin using a levin sword. The way the gameplay flows is very addicting, and will cause you to keep on trying in order to clear the game or to get past a certain chapter that makes you quite irritated.


By far the best part of the game, is the DLC. Unlocked after clearing chapter 4, you can download extra maps from the outrealm gate, where you can then play them in order to fight classic fire emblem heroes from all games in the series (Except for Fire emblem BS-X and the two remakes, that doesn't count). When you beat some DLC missions, you get a reward, either a classic Fire emblem hero to use in your army or a special item. In some cases, you can even get gold and experience.

The bonus box also has it's perks, giving you classic fire emblem items, Double duel missions, new chapters, and fire emblem teams from every major game to battle against, and all content from the bonus box is 100% free!!!

But I know what you are thinking, "But what's the point of the DLC if I can recruit Marth via the bonus box instead?", well, the characters from the DLC packs have different stats, and often come with special perks that make them stronger than their bonus box counterparts. Plus some upcoming Outrealm gate characters will allow you to change into exclusive DLC classes, such as the Dread fighter class from Gaiden, and the all new bride class, providing even more reason to download some DLC!


In all, Fire emblem awakening is a great game. Not the best on the 3DS, as there are some more great games already out and coming soon (Ocarina of time, Pokemon Mystery dungeon gates to infinity, Luigi's mansion, Animal crossing), but this is a amazing game that you need to pick up if you like anything to do with strategy games, as you will be addicted to it and will come back to play it again and again due to the DLC content. I give Fire emblem awakening a 9 out of 10.


Bride is a completely new class, actually.

It is? I could have sworn I read somewhere that the bride class debuted in Thracia 776... Guess I was wrong about that. Fixed!

I actually think this is the best game on the 3DS right now. It has more content than Mario 3D Land. Plenty of classic and new DLC characters free and paid. And hooks you win with the multiple classes and fantastic battle system. Currently has a 92 on metacritic. Best game of the year so far

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