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Bit.Trip Runner 2 (Wii U)

My Score:


Amazing Run

This game is what I like to consider... What every sequel should be

The story
In this game, Commander video, along with his friends (Including Meat boy and commandergirlvideo), are chasing after the evil mastermind Timbletot. However, a reality diffusion beam is fired at the group, but Commander Video blocks his friends, causing him to be forced into a distorted world, where everything is 3D and different. Now he must survive this wacky new world and get back to the Bit trip!


I'll admit, I HATED the gameplay in the first runner. But this literally picked it up, taped all of the holes together, remade it, and shipped it out. It has the same basic rhythm action gameplay as the first one, but now more expanded. The controls are more responsive, the gameplay is more addicting, the game is more score based thanks to a special trick meant to change the scores, along with online leader boards, all of this improves on the first one.

In terms of an the game itself, You move around on a Super mario Advance 2 styled map, with alternate paths, unlockable levels, ETC as you choose one of three difficulties. Then, you get straight to the gameplay. Upon a level start, Commander Video is forced to move right, with no way to slow him down. Instead, you must jump, kick, slide, and block to get to the end alive, collecting all of the gold and powerups on the way.

In this game, however, you can find secret costumes, go to Famicom inspired levels (Which oddly all remind me of Contra), and unlock extra characters! This makes the game HUGE, and a big game to 100%. The game is still as hard as ever, but with 2 easier difficulties, it will help newcomers.


Oh god.... Was the music in Runner 1 TERRIBLE compared to the other bit trip games. The game's high difficulty made it so that if you didn't get any of the powerups to upgrade from hyper, you would have to hear a annoying 5 second loop of the song playing in the level. Not in this game! In this game, the music is more atmospheric, it has more emphasis, and even without powerups, the songs encourage you to keep trying!


In all, Runner 2 is a fantastic game, and clearly has what it takes to be the wii U eshop GOTY. With amazing gameplay, music, and replay value, This game is well worth the $15.

I give Runner 2 a 9 out of 10.


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