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Epic Mickey 2 (Wii U)

My Score:


An Epic Worth Untold

Disney has had it's fair share of "off games" in the past. Where many will recollect most of the good ones have seen in a system generations ago. Where pixels were still king. Disney, as of late, has changed that with a few good gems almost every generation. It's often seen on the heels of another gaming franchise, but they're often doing it solo as well. The original Epic Mickey, exclusive to the Wii, was one of these games. Warren Spector, the creator of the first, set out to do something utilizing one console's strengths above all. With the mild success of the first, Disney set out to do another go around with the universe Spector has created.

The game is out for all consoles, so little is done on each one to make them feel unique. So no gamer has a better version of another. The game still takes on an action platformer roots of the first, offering the follow-up story as to what has happened to Wasteland and it's citizens.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as it was in the first. The issues many may have this time is the game's control scheme on the sequel seems to be clunkier than it's predecessor. With touchy level design, a hair-trigger reticle and the poor AI that controls Oswald the Rabbit most of your solo playing career (it's a ton better to have a second player control him), the game is will give you more of a headache than any magical feeling you'd hope to see in a Disney game. The magic is now in the Ibuprofen.

The visuals feel very flat. For a game that is geared around old Disney cartoons and your main weapons are paint-based, you'd hope for a more eye-popping scenery. That's not going to happen. The game's overall visual appeal is the most admired on the main characters and the enemies. The rest of the world is textured in a bland matte finish and poorly animated effects. The game feels like they cut every visual corner they could possibly think of, then made up some just to cut more.

The sound, believe it or not, wasn't bad. The game carried a nice thematic music throughout the game. Nothing special, but kept a nice upbeat tune throughout. Even with all it's other blemishes and broken control schemes, the music was still a joy to experience, even while you're stuck enduring the rest of the game's issues. Sadly, the music cannot uphold the rest of the game on it's shoulders.

In Final:
The game had promise, it truly did. Everywhere you look it gave that vibe of, "Man, that would been cool." The sequel had a lot to fill in for the first one and fell short in every aspect it attempted. In honesty, it felt like most of the issues it has throughout the game would been ironed out in a simple 6-month delay. Sadly, the damage is done and released, and even Wasteland feels it.

What To Expect:

+ Familiar characters to older Disney fans and fans of the first game alike
+ Simple controls
+ Easy-on-the-ears music

- Terrible reticle control to aim paint/thinner
- Osald AI poses itself more an obstacle than a feature
- Clunky animations and platforming
- Visuals are bland and uninspired, areas feel forced


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