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Sonic Adventure 2 (GameCube)

My Score:


Aging doesn't do this game justice.

Oh man... How things aged so badly... I remember when I was a kid, I was really excited to get this game. When I got it, my brother and cousins played this game with me. We all had a BLAST with this game. We kept playing multiplayer and was obsessed with finishing the single player story. After we did, we felt accomplished and at peace; ready to take on any game! Many years later, we all became young adults and OH MY GOD.


The story begins with Eggman searching for the alleged Ultimate Lifeform. However, he finds Shadow the Hedgehog. An experiment that looks strangely like Sonic (not really). After a demonstration of his power between a G.U.N. robot, Shadow offers his services to Eggman with the Space Colony Ark; a lost space station hidden in space. Meanwhile, Sonic escapes G.U.N.'s captivity after being confused with Shadow. Reaching the end of the city and fighting a robot similar to what Shadow faced, Shadow finally meets Sonic face-to-face. After the brief encounter, Sonic is captured by G.U.N. once again. In the Space Colony Ark, Eggman plans to use the Ark's cannon to enslave Earth and become it's ruler. What will Sonic do, now that he's trapped in prison?

The story..... It doesn't need to be Shakesphere, but it's also not very consistent.

-Erm..... It's entertaining?
-Well, if you want a serious Sonic game, then go at it.

-The lack of detail leads to many plot holes:
*How did everyone confuse Sonic with Shadow when many instances show that G.U.N. has images and footage of both?
*How come there's a Space Ship in the pyramid, even though Eggman never mentions it and uses a teleporter instead?
*When did Gerald Robotnik program the Space Colony Ark to crash into Earth?
*If the Ark was to benefit mankind, why was it made to be a destroyer?
*Why is Eggman evil if Gerald was formally good?
*If G.U.N's plan was for Rouge to infiltrate Eggman, why do their robots still attack her?
*If they had the emerald this entire time, why make her have the effort of finding it instead of giving it to her?
*How come Sonic comes out alive, while Shadow falls to his (not really) death.
*How come Tails' emerald was left out in the open for Eggman to steal?
-Some of the dialogue aged badly


Gameplay involves 6 characters with 3 different play styles. Sonic and Shadow are speed platformers. Tails and Eggman are mech platformers. Knuckles and Rogue are emerald hunting.

Oh boy, this is where the game falls apart.

-Sonic and Shadow are fast and fun
*The Sonic gameplay improved from 1's gameplay, by being more simple and fast
-Knuckles and Rogue best represent their athletics
*Combat has improved from Adventure 1's due to fighting while running.
-Tails and Eggman are able to squeeze some decent fun

-Sonic and Shadow's stages can have glitches in them and some of their power-ups does not work properly; like the light speed dash
*Said glitches has Sonic and Shadow GOING THROUGH RAILS WHEN THEY GRIND
-Knuckles and Rogue's stages take WAY TOO LONG for the wrong reasons
-Tails and Eggman are very tedious at best to point that it gets monotonous
*Doesn't help that playing as them is VERY clunky
-Knuckles and Rogue's emerald radar is a downgraded version of Adventure 1's radar. It will only scan for the one it wants, even if you do see it out in the open.
-The power-ups are decent to ****ing horse****.
*this includes the ones that turns enemies into small figures and the mystic song.
-Grinding is almost terrible because you have to balance yourself
-Rank system is VERY picky
- Camera sucks. It's especially noticeable in the knuckles and rogue levels.

Game Design:

Like the story, the game design in Adventure 2 does not have a consistent tone.

-The look of 2 looks better than 1
*better atmosphere
*better shading and lighting
*Environments look like something in the real world

-Knuckles and Rogue suffers from bad level design so bad, that there's a hint system
-Explosions EVERYWHERE
-Robots popping out of nowhere in inappropriate places
-There are glitches in the grinding areas
-Lipsynching is still bad


Some songs still sound catchy. Others.... Ehhh....

-Some of the best music in the series
-Almost all the music fits the levels

-Bad rapping music
-Amy's song is annoying
-Some of the voice acting didn't age well

Replay Value:

-There's some fun to be had in the speed races
-There's some fun to be had in mech stages
-Emerald hunting has it's moments
-Kart racing is decent
-If you're into chao raising, there's that
-There's stage select, not only allowing you to replay a level, but also pick special challenges

-Issues with emerald hunting transferred to multiplayer
-Mech stages are surprisingly small
-Kart Racing... Really?
-A lot of the chao minigames take more luck than skill (due to unbalanced raising)
-The conditions in special missions can be unfair and confusing
-For whatever reason, you need to play the special missions in order to play the next. This is extremely jarring because all of them had nothing to do with the other.

Overall: 5.0

If you're a Sonic fan that can look over major issues, then you'll like this game. Hell, this game is in the top 5 of most Sonic fan's lists. But if you're not impressed with Sonic alone and seek to play other characters.... You're probably better off playing clone characters. Age has not been kind to this game.


I'd likely be more forgiving than you in the long run. Most of the story quirks I can laugh off quite easily but I can understand the problem it would be for most. It's good for retro charm. You can have nostalgia for everything.

That said I still really want an SA3 though. (Sonic '06 does NOT count.)

I kind of still like this game jut because I really enjoy its story and premises, but yeah looking at it objectively it's pretty darn bad with the weird-ass controls and physics.

@Bellboy Really? I thought that 06 followed the crappy standard that the Adventure games set :p

I really loved the 1st one, even if i know they were so issues, it was fun, but i hated the 2nd since the 1rs second. This level in LA is just everything but Sonic! I love Sonic Genesis and CD, hated Knuckles 32X and this one.

@ TheLastBlade
It was the 1st SEGA Sonic game to go with non sense and to destroy everything that was great in Sonic.And that music after Sonic CD is terrible! You can play Sonic Adventure 1, it's strange but still fun, and Sonic Colors and forget everything between the two. :)

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