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Marvel Pinball 3D (3DS)

My Score:


Ball almost saved

Marvel pinball 3D was Zen's attempt at bringing the intense marvel tables to the 3DS, after their success on iOS, android, XBLA and PSN. Does it work? Well, Somewhat.

It improves on ZEN PINBALL 3D's flaws in a few ways. Now the ball is a tad more fluent than it was in ZP3D. This leads to more accuracy and a big improvement overall. Sadly it still has the problem that the other game had: Inability to see what text is on the table. Unless it's giant, you can't really see it that well. In fact, it's almost impossible to spot the "ZEN" on the left flipper unless you zoom in (And even then just barely), which is inexcusable considering the iOS version even let you did that. But let's talk tables and how they perform on 3DS.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The second worst of the bunch of 4. It was a fun table on consoles, as the fast paced mission action works well here, but the fact that it has a lot of spots to shoot to, and the fact that the whole table is forced onto the 3DS's screen, it doesn't work as good. Still fun though, if you can get past that.

IRON MAN: Worst table of the bunch. It's kinda always been a bit lackluster on any system, but here there is not much of a difference from the console version, as it WAS one of the first tables there too. Probably the closest of all 3DS tables to it's original counterpart in performance.

FANTASTIC FOUR: The best of the bunch, and actually works VERY well on 3DS. The table text is more readable, more fun to play, and just a blast. If you just want one table to play on (Even though you must buy all four), this is the reason to pick the game up. Of course if you have it on other systems I don't recommend another purchase.

BLADE: An OK table. Was a launch table for the MARVEL series. Works well on 3DS, but suffers from the inability to read some text on the table. Pretty much plays the same, though the inability to see some table text (Like the "DARKHOLD SHRINE" text being barely seeable on a normal 3DS despite it being a crucial part of the table) kinda hurts it.

In conclusion, MP3D is sadly the worst port of Marvel tables on any system. I still recommend getting it on wii u or other systems instead, but the good news is the tables still have their fun value, so if you have no other option, this is an OK port.

-Good way of playing the game on the go
-Fantastic four table is fantastic
-Still as fun as always to an extent

-Some table text is kinda hard to see
-Captain america table didn't work quite well on 3DS
-Ball a bit choppy in a few small spots compared to other systems

My total score is a 6 out of 10


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