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Mario Kart Producer talks Revolution

nintendogs chihuahua friends 20050519004857239 000Just checked out the latest issue of Nintendo Power in which they have an interview with Mario Kart Producer Hideki Konno. Mr. Konno spoke a little bit on the subject of Mario Kart on the Revolution.

Nintendo Power: Where do you think the Mario Kart series can go from here?

Hideki Konno: As you know, Mario Kart has appeared on all of Nintendo’s platforms so far, and I think it’s done its job on the DS, or at least I hope it will with what’s new. So the next logical step, of course, is the Revolution. Really what we hope to do is continue to bring new and creative things to the franchise that appeal not only to our established user base, but also bring new people into the game.

We all pretty much new that Mario Kart would head to the Revolution, but it is good to see that they are going to try some new things with the series.

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