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PokePark Wii (Wii)

My Score:


Easypark wii

Well... Here we go... Gotta talk about one of my least favorite games. Pokepark wii Pikachu's adventure was a game I was very excited for. It seemed to be a ton of fun, and seemed to have throwbacks to PMD, which made me more and more excited. Bought for christmas the year it came out, and felt massively disappointed ever since. I'll explain why in detail.

First is the plot... The plot is Pikachu and his friends, Chikorita, charmander and piplup are thrown into the world of the pokepark in order to answer Mew's call for help to restore peace to the land. OK, this seems OK to me. The major disappointment is though, is that the plot becomes a bit nonexistent after that... It's just an occasional reminder of "Oh hey go here and see if you can convince the area leader to let you through", nothing earth-shattering or no major plot twists.

Now to the gameplay.... This is the BIGGEST disappointment for me, as it is really, REALLY bad. First off are the mini games... There are a ton to play in the game, most of them required to progress. The problem with these is that they are TOO EASY! That's right, TOO EASY. You can choose from a variety of pokemon you befriend (Will go on that mechanic in a bit), but they mostly do the same, the only difference being their size determining their results and strengths and weaknesses. Either way, these minigames are FAR too easy. I've beaten almost all of them with twice the amount of score I actually need to clear the game. Worst part of it all is that there is NO MULTIPLAYER! That's right, no multiplayer in a party game. Not even LOCAL play. Some of these would be PERFECT to play with a buddy, but no, you can't do that.

Now to the battles. Well... They are also horribly easy. Pikachu, even though he's an electric type, doesn't seem to take that much more extra damage from fighting a ground type (He does take some extra damage but very minimal), and the fact that all of the battles end very quickly due to the fact you don't have a big variety of attacks really hurts it. But the WORST PART of this whole battle system, in fact the whole game, is that if you lose... They say something like "Oh try again!" or "I'll give you one more chance to beat me", and the battle can be restarted. No punishment, no game over, no being sent back to the title screen (OK that would be a bit too much this doesn't need to be Ghost and goblins). Even the FINAL BOSS doesn't give you a harsh penalty for losing to him. In Pokemon mystery dungeon you always would have to restart the final area to get to the final boss, but this time you simply fight him again and again until you win. It's like they made this for LITTLE KIDS. But before you go "Oh no Thedreaminghawk, pokemon is a franchise for kids", I don't believe that. They are for EVERYONE and most games in the series can be enjoyed regardless of age.

The original games were able to be played by everyone, but people who wanted a challenge could go and complete the pokedex or EV train. In Mystery dungeon, the game was already hard enough. In Puzzle league, it hard a secret super hard mode. In this game? No hard mode, no way to make it harder, and not even a way to challenge yourself. (Like say a challenge where you could try to beat the game without losing or getting hit, that's actually VERY possible for this game). It's almost as if the pokemon company didn't play this game and realize that it was just too easy and was boring. It's one thing to have a relaxing game, but it's another to have a boring and terrible game.

And finally, the friend list. This is actually the only part of the gameplay I kinda was OK with. A lot of pokemon (Not all) are in this game. If you find one wandering around, you can challenge it to a game, like chase (Which is horribly easy too, though it is a nice touch that they purposely made slowpoke slow to give him a personality, and how feline pokemon like Espeon run really fast), or battling them (which as I said earlier doesn't work.). So this part is kinda OK, but barely.

And next up, the controls... Oh no... This is bad. It uses the wii remote held sideways.. To move and jump in a interactive 3D world. This is a bad idea as it just doesn't feel right doing it in big open 3D space. Do I want to play a game like Xenoblade with a wii balance board or a wii remote? NO. I want more movement, I want analogue control, not simple D pad control that doesn't give you precision.

And now the music... Sadly it's not that good. Mostly stock and generic and uninteresting. Where is the awesome OST of the main series, or PMD? Most pokemon games have good music, but this game makes it seem as if they went to a free music site and just used generic songs. It's very disappointing.

And finally, the graphics. Graphics don't make a game, but I will say, the graphics look VERY GOOD. I mean gorgeous in fact. Of course the 3D models of pokemon look great, though I will say the background and some minor things like trees and water don't look too good... But that's OK.

So in all, Pokepark wii is a horribly easy mess that basically makes it boring, fun, and simply not good. I don't even recommend this for the die-hard pokemon fan... It's just that awful. If you want a good pokemon spinoff, check out the much improved sequel, or the pokemon mystery dungeon games. Because of this, I'm giving it a 2 out of 10, one of my lowest scores. I didn't give this a 1 because the game looks good graphics wise, and the befriending pokemon bit is kinda amusing and fun, due to the unique traits of some of these pokemon.

-Game looks great
-Pokemon befriending is fun if you can get past how easy it is
-Pokemon's voices are from the anime
-Some pokemon have unique abilities and traits, like slowpoke being slow in chase compared to the same speed as almost everyone else or espeon being fast

-Plot is not too big after intro
-Game is far too easy
-Music is not good
-no challenge at all
-Not good controls for a 3D world
-Game is too short
-Berry collecting is a chore



I am serious on this review. I honestly don't like this game, I gave it a chance, and I expected it to be at least relaxing if it was meant to be easy like that.

I just think a 2 is far too harsh. I actually liked the game, I'd give it an 8, but I feel like at worst, if you didn't like it it's a 5, max (and this is a general you),

I still gave it a 2 because I could barely find a good thing about it. Every pro I listed was beaten completely by the cons.

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