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3D Classics: Urban Champion (3DS)

My Score:


Much improved

Urban champion. A infamous game that was released at the start of the NES's life, that was panned even back then, for one major reason: there was no point and it was just boring to play. So when Nintendo announced this as their third 3D classic, most of us wondered "why this?"

Luckily I can say that they DID improve the game's two massive flaws, but only to an extent.

First, let's get to the main game. Like boxing on Game and Watch, you move your fists up or down to block and attack with a high punch or low punch, bumping the other opponent to the other side of the screen and... That's it, do it twice and they fall into a manhole and you win. And then you repeat it again. And again, and again. It was just not fun on the NES, there was no goal or accomplishment. Even multiplayer wasn't that fun.

Luckily on the 3DS, they added ONE major addition that really improved it: Ranks. If you do well, you will gain a rank (Like "street champion" or "Block champion" until you get to the final rank. This finally gives it that missing detail it needed, a reason to even play the game. Sadly that's the only real improvement, besides the addition of a isometric view, which gives the 8 bit graphics some special effect, and improves the 3D too. Besides that, the game is sadly mostly the same. Still, the fact that they gave you a point to even bother fighting the opponent really sets this apart from the original in so many ways, and luckily makes it far from the worst 3D classic. (That is Xevious which I'll review soon to explain why), but it isn't completely recommended as if you tend to not like these games for short bursts, you probably won't like this.

And for the local multiplayer.... Sadly it's the same as always, not too much fun. So this isn't a good idea for a multiplayer game.

-Objective to play the game
-Local wireless multiplayer
-Rank systems
-3D isometric view looks very amazing in 3D
-New backgrounds make it look great

-Game is still slow
-Multiplayer is still boring
-After reaching the final rank there is NOTHING to do

So in total I give the 3D classics Urban champion a 5 out of 10.


Was curious: is the multiplayer on this game workable through Download Play, or do both players need to own a copy of the game?

Both must own copies

Thanks for the info!! Laaaame, haha

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