Random Time! - Pikachu glass clings

- capsule toys
- designed to be a plastic toy dangling from your drink
- hits Japan in June

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter hits Wii U stretch goal (Paypal donations added in)

Looks like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to Wii U. The stretch goal was sitting at $3 million for Wii U, and while the total doesn't read $3 million just yet, the goal has definitely been hit. This is thanks to Paypal donations, which at last check were sitting at $51,445. That's more than enough to clear the $3 million goal! Thanks to Nool for the heads up!

ReVeN Kickstarter update - Factions

"International Space Terraforming Organization: The last existing corperation after the forming of the E.G.R. While they are no longer a corporation, for all intents and purposes, they still maintain independence from earth and a strong presence on multiple planets throughout the milky way galaxy along the XBridge. They hold freedom from tyranny above all rights and they fight to maintain this ideal."

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 511 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET

Time for another podcast, my friends! We'll be recording GN Podcast Webisode 511 LIVE at 3 PM ET. You can come RIGHT to this post to watch all the action live. You can also hit up the link below to join in with our chat room! That way you can chat with others that are watching the show, and we can read your comments on the air! Usually we have a pretty fun time, so we'd love to have you join in!

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E3 site lists Atlus showing a 3DS RPG, Natsume showing action and simulation games for Wii U

The following info comes from the official E3 2015 'map your show' event planner...


Role-Playing > Nintendo 3DS

Natsume, Inc

Action > Nintendo 3DS
Action > Nintendo Wii U
Racing > Nintendo 3DS
Simulation > Nintendo Wii U

Are these all going to be brand-new titles, or could some of these listings pertain to Virtual Console games? On top of that, Deep Silver also has multiple listings on the site, but it seems that their listings just name every platform for every genre. I don't feel confident in sharing their list, since it seems to be purely placeholder.

Kids continue to delight in Splatoon, swaying opinion of jaded adults

Earlier in the week, we featured a fantastic interview from the Financial Post. A 10-year-old girl got the chance to play a review copy of Splatoon and she seemed quite tickled by it. She even had some very wise words to share about Nintendo games and public opinion in general. If you missed out on that feature, please make sure to take a look.

It seems that Splatoon itself is a catalyst for some pretty sage advice from youngsters. Yet again we have a feature with a young kid talking to an adult about Splatoon. This time around it's a 6-year-old that manages to turn around the opinion of a jaded 35-year-old Game Informer staffer. Pretty cool to see this young kid's impressions of the game transform his father's line of thinking.

Feature here

RUMOR - Official reveal for Skylanders Superchargers coming on June 3rd

Thanks to Amazon, we now know that the leaked details of Skylanders Superchargers are indeed true. That's all well and good, but when will we see an official reveal of the game? According to German gaming magazine Games Master, the official reveal date is June 3rd. Seems that the next issue of Games Master (also available on June 3rd) will have info on the game as well. Thanks to Jordan for the heads up!