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THQ core games head talks 3DS vs. Vita, StreetPass obsession

The following comments come from Danny Bilson, head of THQ's Core Games...

On 3DS Vs. Vita...

"The hard thing is you have to look at how they stack up against each other and how they stack up against the smartphones and the app stores and all of that. So that’s a really crowded area, the handheld gaming market, but both of those pieces of hardware are really robust and offer a lot of fun. So we’re going to see how they evolve and invest appropriately as they evolve."
On an addiction to 3DS Miis...

"I think they’re fun. If I reach in my pocket, you’ll see that there’s a 3DS here in my pocket. Now the reason this is in my pocket is because I’m a complete game geek and I wanted to see how many Miis I would pick up at the show. I swear to God! I’m just a big kid. So I carry this thing around to see how many Miis I pick up," he said. "And I haven’t gone over to the Nintendo area yet, where I think it’ll fire up because I know they’re actually transmitting Miis of everybody who’s in their press conference, including myself, but I haven’t had time to go over there. It’s not a research thing, it’s just for fun. And yesterday morning I noticed 13 Miis popped into my little village and it’s kind of fun."

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