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Super Mario 3D Land - more details

- info on World 1 - 2, 1 - 3, 1 - 4, and the first castle stage

World 1-2

- familiar blue brick-lined underground of the Mushroom Kingdom
- features a remix of the SMB underground theme
- three hidden coins located in each stage

World 1-3

- takes place high above the ground
- features the Tanooki suit
- high pillar stage
- special green tiles near the beginning lets you use a pair of binoculars and transitions the camera to a first person view
- change your view by using the 3DS's built in gyro controls or circle pad
- zoom in and out with the shoulder buttons to find special items
- second way down the platform that leads to a hidden coin

World 1-4

- side scrolling stage
- stand on a platform that controls the progression and direction
- step on one button to go back and the other to go forward
- features the Super Mario Bros 3 Athletic theme music

Castle stage

- plenty of lava
- spinning columns of fire
- Bowser fight on a bridge
- hit a switch to drop Bowser into the lava


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