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Inafune gives more King of Pirates details, may be chief producer of Idea Factory

- first game design Inafune created after leaving Capcom last year
- he showed it to AQI at an early state
- Inafune believes the game will expand the 3DS userbase, but recognizes things are rough right now
- Inafune wanted to make something with a Nintendo-level of quality, which is why he's bringing it to 3DS
- Inafune believes creativity isn't creating something from scratch, but creating something new by mixing things together
- the game won't look like the CG trailer
- game will have the same design style
- two broad types of combat
- ship to ship and person to perso
- 300 characters, some strong on their own and some strong in groups
- each game will have its own ending, but the story may be too big for the trilogy
- games will span hundreds of years
- penguin character is meant to be Liu Bei
- penguin character will even have kids
- Inafune knows his fans want mature games, but this is a project he really wanted to make

That's not the only Inafune news we have tihs morning. Compile Heart has opened up a teaser site that seems to be Inafune related. A quick video on the site indicates that Inafune is now overall producer at Idea Factory Group, and a game is soon on the way. It's unclear if this is a teaser joke or truth.

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