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Europe - Iwata Asks: The Last Story, volume 3

Wii adventure The Last Story is in shops now and invites players on an engrossing journey brought to life by beautiful visuals and a rousing orchestral soundtrack. Underpinning the experience are fresh gameplay innovations that represent the culmination of years of ideas from some of the gaming industry’s most experienced creatives.

In the latest interview in the Iwata Asks: The Last Story series, the Nintendo president is joined by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Takuya Matsumoto – two men instrumental in making gameplay in The Last Story a fresh, captivating and innovative experience.

Find out how a bespectacled block of tofu had a part to play in proceedings, why players are free to enjoy The Last Story “their way” and where veterans of the industry search for fresh inspiration after a quarter of a century of making games.

Head to our Iwata Asks Hub now to start your adventure with The Last Story.

The Last Story is in shops now, only for Wii.

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