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Green Hills Software's MULTI Integrated Development Environment Selected by Nintendo for Wii U Development

SAN JOSE, CA — March 27, 2012 — DESIGN West/ESC 2012, Booth #1227 —Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, has entered into a global license agreement that will enable Nintendo Co., Ltd. to provide Green Hills Software's MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE) to developers that are creating video game software for the upcoming Wii U platform, which is scheduled to be launched later this year.

"We selected the Green Hills Software solution because it generates highly optimized code, and Green Hills provides excellent global support," commented Mr. Genyo Takeda, senior managing director of Integrated Research & Design at Nintendo Co., Ltd.

"Green Hills Software has a long history of supplying the most demanding global corporations with the tools they need to build innovative yet cost-effective and reliable electronic products," commented Tim Reed, general manager of Advanced Products, Green Hills Software. "We are proud to be a valued partner of Nintendo."

Thanks to Dim for the heads up!


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