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Grasshopper not thinking about 3DS, Wii U at the moment, but have interest

A portion of a Siliconera interview with Grasshopper's Akira Yamaoka, Chief Creative Officer...

S: What do you think of the new handheld platforms, Vita and the 3DS?

AY: I’m not sure the Vita is selling well even in Japan. But, it’s a really good platform. I don’t know why it’s not selling. [Laughs.] I like it. 3DS might have more potential since some DS owners might upgrade, but I don’t see too many 3DS owners overseas, so that’s disappointing.

S: Are you thinking about any of the new platforms like Vita, 3DS, or Wii U?

AY: Not at the moment, but I would like to try those.

Full interview here

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