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Thundercats heading to DS - details, boxart, screens

- developed by Aspect Digital
- side-scrolling action game
- starts with the Lizard army advancing on Thundera
- King Claudus, Grune, and Tygra have all gone off to fight
- Grune defects
- this is when Lion-O runs into battle
- enemy types: green soldiers, soldiers armed with arrows, and orange lizards
- use the face buttons to attack and jump
- enemies drop power-ups that give health or charge the Sword of Omens
- fill the sword to light an icon on the touch screen
- tap the icon to shoot a red beam from the sword
- reunite Lion-O with Tygra at the end o fthe level
- Tygra tells you that King Claudus is dead
- Mumm-Ra is leading the Lizard army
- Grune betrayed you because he is under Mumm-Ra’s control
- Lion-O and Tygra escape, which adds Tygra as a support character
- touch screen has icons featuring Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro and Wily Kat & Wily Kit
- touch these icons to have those character assist for a small time
- includes sound effects and voice acting from the cartoon
- concept art has also been added in
- game is on DS in order to reach those that can't afford a 3DS

More screens/art here

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